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Sep 18, 2006...

Yet, there are no news from Yovko about the Simple Studio Project...…

However, me and a friend, Feyz - another photo amateur like me, - we "started" something similar; nonamed for now... The first session was named, however...

"Movie Hunter" and "Photo Warrior", "Photo Guerrilla", "Art Guerrilla"... It was shot in the flat of another friend of us - Kok/Koko when we had a party there. Feyz is too busy, however... Probably I will be, too, in few weeks - the University term begins in 2 weeks. I had to work with some programming stuff a lot more, too. "I had to"... I had to concentrate. Uhhhhhhh... I'll leave the topic about my mood, feelings, emotions and stuff for another journal post... Maybe...

Actually, I desire to take part in something even more big, ambitious and... Complicated than the Simple Studio Project that Yovko began.

I want to be a movie maker, so I need buddies who want to be movie makers also... Dreamers, photo and movie amateurs, picture editors, writers, designers of everything, drawers, storytellers, make-up artists, actors...

My personal "movie studio" actually was invented and named long time ago, when I was a pre-teen boy, I think somewhen in 1995. "Plovdivchan Pictures"*, or "Plovdivman Pictures" and "Sacred Computer" ( many years later ), but there aren't  any big enough productions yet... ;)


Recently I'm making some photo-stories, since August. I consider that kind of art similar to movie making, "a little brother" of it, and I like it...

The first story, named "Alyosha and Me", could be considered "ready", but I want to show this pieces together with the second, after it is "ready enough" too. The main story line was clear in my mind at once, but I'm hesitating a lot about what to be the beginning and should it be what it is right now...

* Plovdivchan - BTW, "chan" has nothing in common with the name of Jackie Chan, although I like him and the Kung-fu movies.

"Plovdivchanin", "Plovdiv-chan-in" means in Bulgarian "a person from Plovdiv"...
toshko Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2006
Yes, I will start being a lot busier than now at least after a week and some, but it seems even sooner, concentrating more on some 'Informatik' things...

You draw and paint, it's possible to take part in the art department also... It may work from distance, too. ;)
myostis Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
so you're going to be very busy next few weeks... hmm btw I'd like to be an actress for you;) *rofl* but I think it doesn't work :)

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September 18, 2006