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Someone's Getting Grounded

Yeah, seeing Eggman fighting Metal Sonic in a boxing match is all kinds of hilarious, especially when you consider that Eggman is technically Metal Sonic's father so that makes this even funnier. I like to imagine that after they went home when the Olympics were over, Eggman told Metal Sonic "I'm proud of you for winning a gold medal but you're still grounded for a week for punching me in the face". 😂

(Also, I find it amazing that someone as chubby as Eggman can hold his own pretty well not only in a boxing match, but against a robot no less. Maybe it's the protein from all those omelets). 😂
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Maybe you are right

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Maybe it's the protein from all those omelets

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Yeah probably, but that belly of his would still be pretty squishy and punchable 😂