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Mighty and Ray's Babysitting Adventure

(Disclaimer:  I don't own Sonic the Hedgehog or any of the games/characters; all credit goes to the original creators at Sega, please support the official release).

~Mighty and Ray's Babysitting Adventure~

It was early Saturday evening on Mobius as this story finds Sonic the Hedgehog trying to put on a fancy looking tux. You see, he and Amy were going out on a date that night since it had been such a long time since the two had a night just to themselves.

Between Amy's job at an advertising firm and Sonic being a stay-at-home Dad to their three children, the two married hedgehogs hadn't had the chance to just enjoy each other's company. This didn't put a strain on their marriage, thankfully, they just felt like they needed a night to be a couple without distractions.

There was one problem, however: they needed to find someone to babysit their children.

Sonic's first instinct was to call any of his friends and ask if they could babysit his children for him, but they all had things of their own to do: Knuckles, in addition to guarding the Master Emerald, already had to look after his own daughter and Maria since her parents were out on a date themselves. Nyx and Infinite couldn't do it because since the former had the week off of work, she decided to take her family with her on her paid vacation.

The Chaotix, despite starting their own babysitting service, couldn't because they had all unfortunately caught the common cold and were too sick to take care of anyone except themselves.

Sonic was about to give up on his and Amy's date night when he had suddenly gotten the idea to call up some old friends of his whom he hadn't spoken to in a while. It was 5:30pm when there was a knock at the front door, Sonic raced down the stairs to answer it.

"Hey Sonic, long time no see!"

"Hey there, guys. Glad you could make it".

Turns out, the people Sonic called were his old friends Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel. He honestly couldn't remember the last time he had seen or spoken to the two, even before the whole war with Eggman, but he was happy to see them again after all this time.

He let them inside and closed the door, allowing the two to look around and marvel at his house, which probably wasn't too important in hindsight but this was the first time in years Sonic had gotten himself his own house to live in as opposed to just living with Tails again.

"Nice place you've got here, Sonic. Feels really cozy", said Mighty.

"Thanks. And also, thanks a bunch for agreeing to watch the kids while Amy and I go out, I can't tell you guys how awesome this is", said Sonic.

"No problem, Sonic. Anything for a friend. And speaking of kids, where are the little tykes? I wanna meet 'em!", said Ray.

Sonic walked over to the staircase, "Kids! Come down here and say hello to your babysitters! And bring your little brother down with you!", he called out.

Within ten and a half seconds, Mighty and Ray were greeted by a pair of ten year old fraternal twin hedgehogs, one of which was carrying a small blue baby hedgehog. "Mighty...Ray, I want you to meet my sons, Turbo and SJ, and my daughter Speedy. Kids, these our your babysitters, my old friends Mighty and Ray", said Sonic.

He then gently coaxed his kids to go over and greet their new babysitters. Turbo was the first to do so as he gently set SJ down onto the floor and walked over to Mighty, looking at him curiously; he then noticed Mighty's red shell and tapped on it with curiosity. "You have a shell! Are you a turtle?", he asked.

Mighty chuckled, "No, kiddo. I'm an armadillo, but just like a turtle, I have a shell that protects me from harm", he said. He then demonstrated this by curling up into a ball, exposing his shell more; Turbo tapped it with his fist as if he was knocking on a door, "Wow! This is so cool!", he said.

Ray, who was watching, felt something pull his tail. He looked down to see SJ behind him, the infant hedgehog was playing with his tail; he chuckled as he tickled the baby hedgehog's chin with his tail, "Teehee! Fuffy tal!", SJ babbled as he had only just recently started learning how to talk.

"Can I try on your scarf?", Speedy asked tapping Ray on the shoulder. "Of course you can", Ray responded as he undid his scarf and wrapped it around her neck. Speedy smiled as she twirled around, making the scarf flutter.

Just then, Amy came walking down the stairs wearing a sparkling red dress and matching shoes. "Who was at the door Sonic? Oh, Mighty and Ray! Hello, it's so great to see you two again!", she said as she went to give the armadillo and squirrel a hug.

She then turned to Sonic, "Are they here to babysit the kids?", she asked. "Yeah Ames, I told you they were coming over. Anyway, Mighty and Ray, we'll be out practically all night but the latest we'll be back is around 10pm. Here's a list of what I usually do with the kids around this time of the evening", Sonic said handing them a piece of paper.

Mighty took it and looked to see it was some instructions, the list read as followed:

6:00pm to 7:00pm: Backyard playtime for the twins, SJ sits in his bouncy chair.

7:00pm: Dinnertime (SJ drinks a bottle of milk every three hours so at this time, give him a bottle and a can of banana/apple mush).

7:30pm: Bathtime (the twins bathe in the bathroom in the hall while you bathe SJ in the bathroom in mine and Amy's room)

8:00pm to 9:30: TV time (I blocked all the adult channels, but I have the passcode written in a notepad in my sock drawer. Don't let the twins know).

9:30pm: Story and Bedtime (Make sure SJ gets his next bottle and has his diaper changed before you put him to bed).

"No sweets before bed, no playing ball in the house, no spin-dashing in the house and make sure they're in bed by 10pm. Don't forget to also turn on the baby monitors in their rooms, the main console is on the dresser".

Mighty read over the list, taking in all the information. "Alright then, this doesn't seem too hard. Don't worry about anything, Sonic. Ray and I will make sure the kids are well taken care of", he said. Sonic smiled just as he heard the sound of the taxi he called roll up outside, "There's the taxi. Amy and I should get going now", he said.

Then Sonic turned towards the twins, "You two behave yourselves, alright? Mighty and Ray are in charge, do what they tell you. If they tell your mother and I that you've been misbehaving, you'll be grounded for a month. Understand?", he said.

Speedy and Turbo nodded, "We promise, Dad. We'll be on our best behavior", they said in unison. Sonic smiled as he and Amy gave each of their children a goodbye kiss on the forehead before leaving.

[Time Skip]

A few minutes after Sonic and Amy left, Mighty and Ray sat outside on the backyard porch watching the twins playing on their playground set; SJ sat in his bouncy baby chair on the porch, cooing as he slapped his little hands on the colorful buttons and shaking his rattle.

"Hey, Mister Mighty! Can you give us a push?", Turbo called out as he and his sister sat on the swing set. Mighty smiled as he stood up and walked over to them, "Sure thing, kiddos. But you don't need to be so formal, just call me Mighty", he said. He stood behind them and gave them each a light push, allowing them to swing.

Ray, who had been watching, heard whimpering next to him; he turned to see that SJ had dropped his rattle on the floor and was whimpering because he couldn't reach it. He would've started crying if Ray hadn't bent down and picked it up, "Here you go, little guy", he said. SJ squealed loudly with happiness as he took the rattle, accidentally hitting Ray in the face with it.

As much as it hurt, Ray didn't mind. After all, SJ was just a baby.

[Time Skip]

At 7pm, Mighty and Ray brought the kids inside, locking the door to the patio. While the twins sat at the table waiting for Mighty to finish cooking their dinner, Ray sat in front of SJ's highchair feeding him some banana/apple flavored baby food.

Soon, Mighty walked into the dining room and placed down two plates of bacon cheeseburger pasta for the twins, along with two glasses of water.

"Here you go, kiddos. What do you say?", said Mighty.

"Thank you, Mighty!", said Speedy and Turbo.

They picked their forks and began eating the pasta, smiling at how delicious it tasted. Mighty turned to see that Ray had just finished feeding SJ the baby food, which meant it was time to give him the bottle of milk he warmed up. "Ray, why don't you go wash the dishes while I give the little fella his bottle?", he said.

"Okay", said Ray as he stood up and walked into the kitchen. Mighty sat down on one of the chairs, he carefully pulled SJ out of his highchair and held him in his arms; he gave the baby hedgehog the bottle of milk, holding the bottom of it as SJ grasped it with his tiny hands.

"Mighty, we're all done now", said Turbo as he and Speedy held up their empty plates. "Okay, go give the plates to Ray so he can wash them", said Mighty. Once SJ finished his bottle, Mighty wiped his mouth with bib and then held him over his shoulder as he proceeded to gently pat his back so he could burp.

"Mighty, I'm gonna go help the twins get ready for their bath. You got SJ?", said Ray.

"Yeah, I'll give this little tyke a bath in their parents' room", said Mighty.

[Time Skip]

Speedy and Turbo laughed as they played with their bath toys in the tub, Ray stood outside of the partly opened bathroom door listening in, making sure he could hear them in case they needed help. Meanwhile in the bathroom in Sonic and Amy's room, Mighty laid SJ inside his baby bathtub inside the larger bathtub, gently washing him with a washcloth soaked with warm water and baby soap.

SJ whimpered and cried a bit as he felt uncomfortable in the water, this made Mighty chuckle and smile sympathetically at him. "Looks like you hate water just as much as your Dad, huh? Funny how the twins don't have this fear, Sonic told me they're taking swimming lessons at the community pool", he said.

After rising the soap from the baby hedgehog's fur and quills, Mighty dried SJ off with his towel before lying him down on the changing table; he placed a clean diaper on him and then dressed him in a pair of yellow footie pajamas.

[Time Skip]

At 8pm, the two babysitters and the three kids sat in the living room, watching TV; they were all watching "Beauty and the Beast", Speedy and Turbo's favorite Disney movie. Since the movie was only an hour and eight minutes long, after it ended, Speedy and Turbo were allowed to watch one episode of their favorite cartoon, "Spectacular Spiderman", before bed.

Mighty looked over at the wall clock to see that it was now 9:30pm, he picked up the remote and turned the TV off just as the end credits were rolling. "Okay, kiddos. It's time to get ready for bed, head upstairs and brush your teeth", he said before turning to Ray, "I'll go make another bottle for SJ. You can feed him while I read a bedtime story to the twins".

Speedy and Turbo walked upstairs to the bathroom to brush their teeth. Mighty went into the kitchen to warm up a bottle of milk and then handed it to Ray before going upstairs; Ray carefully held SJ in his arms as he fed him, the baby hedgehog slowly dozing off as he drank the milk.

Ray then carried him upstairs to the nursery as he fell asleep in his arms, he gave him a quick diaper change before laying him down in his crib; he placed his pacifier in his mouth and draped the blanket over him. After turning on the mobile and shutting off the lights, Ray walked down the hall to the twins' room.

He peeked in to see Mighty tucking the twins in as they had fallen asleep after he finished reading them a bedtime story; he turned off the lights and turned on the nightlight before walking out of the room.

"Is SJ in bed?", asked Mighty.

"Yeah, I changed his diaper and put him in his crib", replied Ray.

Mighty then went to Sonic and Amy's room to grab the surveillance console for the baby monitors, as well as the notepad where Sonic wrote the passcode to unlock the parental blocks on the TV.

Mighty unlocked one of the movie channels so he and Ray could watch the Deadpool movie. Speaking of Ray, he came into the living room with a bowl of popcorn and two cans of soda for him and Mighty; the two friends sat there quietly watching the movie, occasionally taking handfuls of popcorn or laughing at the jokes.

Every five minutes, Mighty took a look down on the console to see if the kids were alright. The screen was split into two screens so he could see into the twins' room and the nursery at the same time. Everything appeared to be perfectly fine, the kids were all peacefully sleeping.

[Time Skip]

Just as Mighty and Ray were about to watch "Deadpool 2", the house phone began ringing.

"Don't worry, Ray. I got it", said Mighty.

He picked up the phone and answered, "Hello? This is the residence of Sonic and Amy Rose the Hedgehog, who is calling?", he asked.

"...have you checked the children?", said a low raspy voice.

"Excuse me?", asked Mighty.

"I said...have you checked the children?", the voice said again.

This time, Mighty was annoyed. "Oh haha, very funny. What's next? You're gonna ask me if my refrigerator is running? Get lost!", he said before hanging up and sitting back on the couch.

"Who was it?", asked Ray.

"Some punk trying to prank call us. Man, I hate prank callers! They're so irritating!", said Mighty.

Ten minutes later, the two guys were quietly watching the movie. Mighty took another look into the console to see that the kids were still sleeping, he saw Speedy pull the blanket around herself for warmth, Turbo rolled over on his side and SJ was occasionally kicking his little feet around.

Just then, the phone rang again. Mighty went to pick it up, "Hello? Who is this?", he asked.

"...why haven't you checked the children?", asked the same low raspy voice.

"Oh you again? Dude, I'm not interested in your stupid jokes! Stop calling here or I'm calling the cops!", Mighty said before hanging up.

Just as he was about to sit back down, the phone rang again.


"You should really check the children..."

Mighty had had enough, he hung up and then decided to call the police.

"Hello, this is the Sunset Heights Police Department. How can we help you?", said a female officer.

"Hello Ma'am, my friend and I are in the home of Sonic the Hedgehog. We're babysitting his children and some weirdo keeps calling the house phone asking if I checked on the kids", said Mighty.

"What's the address of the house", asked the officer.

"751 Green Hill Dr.", said Mighty.

"And what's your name, sir?"

"Mighty the Armadillo".

"Okay, here's what were going to do: if he calls again, try to keep him on the phone long enough so we can trace the call", said the officer.

Ray looked up at him, "Mighty, what's going on?", he asked. "I've called the cops about that creeper that keeps calling here. Hold the console and keep an eye on the kids while I do what the cops are telling me", said Mighty.

Just then, the phone rang showing there was someone on the other line.

"The phone's ringing, its probably him!", said Mighty.

"Answer it and keep him on long enough for us to trace the call", said the officer.

Mighty answered the second call, "Hello?", he asked.

"...why haven't you checked the children?", said the raspy voice.

"Look, I don't know who you are or what your agenda is but I'm warning you! Leave us alone!", said Mighty.

The person didn't answer, they just softly giggled before breathing into the phone. Then after five seconds, they hung up.

"I think he hung up!", said Mighty.

"Don't worry, we managed to trace the call..."

Mighty was put off when the officer suddenly trailed off, "Hello? Ma'am?", he asked nervously.

"Get your friend, take the children and get out now! The calls are coming from inside the house!", the officer shouted.

Just as Mighty dropped the phone, he and Ray heard the twins screaming.

"Mighty, the kids!", shouted Ray. They both ran upstairs to their room but they weren't in there, they ran through the house before they entered the nursery, which was empty. SJ wasn't in his crib.

"Kids? Kids, where are you?!", shouted Ray.

Just then, they heard what sounded like whimpering. It was coming from the hall closet, Mighty opened it and found the twins hiding under a pile of blankets, SJ curled up in Speedy's arms; all three of them were shaking and crying in fear, holding each other tightly.

"Its gonna be okay, kiddos. We're gonna--"

"Mighty, look out!", Turbo screamed cutting him off.

Suddenly, Mighty turned around just in time to see an axe being swung at him; he dodged it as it buried itself into the wall, Ray turned on the hallway light to see that the assailant was a weasel with dirty looking dark brown fur, and wearing a black shirt beneath a pair of disheveled overalls.

Mighty kicked the guy in the stomach, knocking him to the floor. "Ray! Take the kids, leave and call the cops!", he shouted just as the weasel tackled him from behind. Ray nodded as he picked up SJ into his arms and grabbed the twins by their hands, running out of the house into the front yard.

Ray pulled out his cellphone and dialed 911.

"911, what's your emergency?", asked the operator.

"Yeah, my friend and I were babysitting and some crazy guy broke into the house!", shouted Ray.

"Where's the children, sir? Where is your friend?", asked the operator.

"I'm outside the house with the kids, my friends inside fighting the intruder! Please send the cops, my friend could be getting hurt!", Ray responded.

"Give me the address and we'll send a unit as quickly as possible", said the operator.

Meanwhile inside, Mighty was trying to overpower the intruder. He punched the guy in the face and kicked him to the ground, the weasel reached into the pocket of his overalls and pulled out a pocketknife; he tried to stab Mighty but he dodged him and spin-dashed into him, knocking him to the ground.

Mighty tried to find something to tie him up with but then the weasel sprang up and stabbed him in the abdomen. Mighty let out a scream before he punched the weasel square in the jaw, knocking him out as well as knocking a few of his teeth out.


Mighty heard a group of police officers shouting as they burst in through the front door, he slowly slid down onto the floor as he passed out from blood loss.

[Time Skip]

Sonic and Amy walked out of a movie theater after they finished watching a romance movie.

"Oh Sonic, that movie was so beautiful and romantic!", said Amy.

"Glad you liked it", said Sonic as he kissed his wife on the lips.

Just then, his cellphone went off. Sonic pulled it out of his pocket and answered it, "Hello? Yes, this is Sonic the Hedgehog, how can I help you? Wait...WHAT?", Sonic shouted which scared Amy.

[Time Skip]

The hedgehog couple made their way to the hospital where they found Ray with their children sitting in the waiting room near the play area.

"Mommy! Daddy!", Speedy and Turbo shouted as they ran to hug their parents. The twins were crying as they hugged their parents tightly, Ray walked over with SJ in his arms. The baby hedgehog stuck his arms out, reaching for his mother and father; Amy took her infant son into her arms, holding him close to her.

"Ray, what happened?", asked Sonic.

"Some lunatic broke into the house and attacked Mighty, I managed to get myself and the kids out while he fought him off. The cops came and arrested the guy, and they called an ambulance because Mighty was stabbed in the stomach. He's in surgery right now", said Ray.

Just then, a tall German shepherd in a trenchcoat walked over to the group.

"Who are you?", asked Amy.

"I'm Detective Grayson of the SHPD. The intruder is known as "The Babysitter Butcher", he's been breaking into houses with babysitters, killing 'em and stealing all the valuables in the house. None of the children were hurt, thankfully, but we've been unable to catch this guy. But thanks to your friend in there, he can be brought to justice", said the German shepherd.

Just then, one of the doctors came up to the group. "Sorry to interrupt but I like to inform you that Mr. Armadillo is out of surgery and he's awake, so you can see him", he said. Sonic and his family, along with Ray, rush towards the room where Mighty was resting.

"Hey Mighty, are you okay?", asked Ray.

"Yeah, I'm alright. Are the kids okay, though? I'm more worried about them", said Mighty.

Speedy and Turbo walked over to his bedside, "We're okay, Mighty. Thank you for protecting us", said Turbo. "We're sorry you got hurt, though", said Speedy. Mighty smiled as he patted them on the head, "Don't be. I was fully prepared to get hurt if it meant keeping you kids safe, that's what a babysitter does", he said.

"Migy! Migy!", SJ babbled as the twins smiled at him.

Sonic smiled apologetically at him, "Well...I'm sorry you had to get hurt, Mighty, but thank you. Both you and Ray, thanks for looking after and protecting our children", he said. Amy thanked them as well with a kiss on the cheek, then the detective walked in.

"When you're feeling up to it, I need to get a formal statement from you about what happened", he said. Mighty nodded as the detective walked out, "Well...this wasn't how I thought our first babysitting job would go but it sure was an adventure, huh?", said Ray.

"It sure was", Mighty agreed.

"Say, what are you boys doing next week? Uh, I mean for dinner, not to babysit", said Amy.

Mighty and Ray chuckled, "Well we have to check our schedule but I think we have some free time", said Mighty.

"Hopefully, we won't have to worry about any crazy weasel burglars next time around", said Ray as everyone laughed.

[The End]
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