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Once I peeked at her through the keyhole

I laughed so hard in that part of the book (since I read about that red and yellow coat Pierre was wearing .... :°D).

Has anyone noticed? I am reading that book again

Notre-Dame de Paris (Victor Hugo)

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Frollo; both disgusted and jealous. :D

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I thought it was another scene of Victor Hugo's book hahahaha, Its funny because the same actor that played the  Victor Hugo's  character I tought was the same who played Frollo in 1923's version :)
Very good draw... !
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Frollo wants to kill! :XD:
I love this episode! Gringoire always teases Claude tremendously!
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Haha, this scene made me laugh, too. Nice work! I love how oblivious Pierre is. Great expressions, as usual! :D
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wow thank you :heart:
I always love to read your comments because they're so full of details and so kind!
Thanks again!
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Aw, no problem! I love seeing your art in my inbox... :heart:
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thou hast warmed my heart :blowkiss:
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Such a great book! I love how the characters are almost completely opposite in the book than in the Disney movie lol. I have to admit, Pierre Is probably my favorite character in the book. Runs off with the goat. At least someone in this story has their priorities in order!
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it's quite difficult to say that Pierre is different in the book from the Disney version ......... he does not appear! AHAHAH poor Pierre =P
thanks for the comment :heart:
(and Pierre is too my fav character of all C: )
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:) you're welcome!
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Oh my god this is so funny how he tease Frollo XD Good job!
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ahah thank you very much :heart:
yes, I think this is the funniest part in the novel, poor dom claude!
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you welcome ^^
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hahaha I love the scene too!!
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that's the most funny part of the whole novel xD
thanks for the comment! :heart:
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"...but it wasn't Djali, so I got bored and went to bed."

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Oh my god, I love you XD

why is he such a zoophiles?!
And poor claude, lol
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Hahah xD

Why indeed? Well, he loves stones and plants too, the weird poet...
Poor frustrated archdeacon, never gettin' any!
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Cristo, guarda che facce :'''''''DDD
No, sul serio, fanno troppo ridere! XD Soprattutto Pierre, che aria maliziosa XD
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Se leggerai il libro sarà senz'altro la parte più divertente XD
Non spoilero nulla ;P *cerca di mettere curiosità*

e grazie del commento :heart:
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Dici davvero? XD Allora devo proprio darci un'occhiata ù_ù

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