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Name: Gao, Xie (高 謝)A (Also Called Ah Xie, or Xie generally)
Age: 19
Birthday: 04/05
Gender: Male, He
Height: 6 ft | 182 cm
Weight: 180 lb | 81,6 kg
Faction: Wu Ren Clan
Purpose: training, survival and hot springs. He gets along with the concept of training and cultivating with freedom

Class: Wu Xiu class
Rank: 10
Levels: Wu[4] Zhen[1]


  • Spirit essence
    the ability and knowledge of using spirit essence to increase stamina, flexibility, and strength for hand to hand combat.

  • Sound Spell
    When his whistling spell is active, his spirit essence would be converted into a certain frequency of sound in the air. It helps him perceive information about his surroundings faster (similar to echolocation technique). However, due to his low Zhen level, his coverage area is still small and it would only help him to use his surroundings to his advantage in close combat. he's still in training his sensory organs to be able to use the spell effectively so while it can be used during fights, it's not always useful.


+ Focused, carefree, diligent, artful, quirky, adventurous +
Quiet, adolescent, determined, Misunderstood, nonchalant, glutton
- Shameless, reserved, eccentric, blithe, selfish, annoying  -

Ah Xie is terrible at making a good first impression, firstly, he is always seemed to be detached, whistling clicking tongues all the way whenever he wants as if being indifferent about his surroundings, which makes his random giggles sounds very cynical at times which can be an annoyance to some. He just did not talk and it makes others wonder if he actually can talk properly or just being arrogant douche. Most people would learn his name by others and probably just guessing since he shows not much interest in others and does things his own pace. This often might just add more minus point on his overall impression, even though he's just actually being too casual and just a mere blithe kid on the inside.

He mostly aware of how people judge him however refuse to explain because he finds his current image can benefit him in some situation. With not having any good reputation to keep, he didn't really have to restrain himself on his way of doing things. There are times when he lied or purposefully goes along with his misunderstood image, such as doing stupid, or embarrassing things in order to escape from any connections and responsibilities that he thinks too troublesome.

Ah Xie took his training and his current task as his utmost top priority before everything else and is trying to live his life to the fullest to be at peace with himself he won't allow himself to be regretful for not doing something even if it is something that appears unconventional in the eyes of others. Even though sometimes he can be selfish when it comes to his me-time (when it comes to training sessions and food related stuff), that doesn't mean he isn't a good listener. He is actually very open with new ideas and wouldn't mind other's expressing their weird quirks as long as it makes sense to him.

The closer people get to him the more they'll notice that he's very expressive and responsive nonverbally, Even bratty at times. there are moments when he would also playfully mumbles only to tease and calls people out as a form of whimsical affection. 

Likes: Reading, food, Hot springs, surprising people, whispering, training, raining, physically strong people, people with great smiles
Dislikes: Noises, extremely cold weather, people who whistle better than him, adults who nag but never really care enough, dumb people who are blunt to his nonverbal reaction, spoiled brats


An eccentric hobo whose parents used to run away from their cultivation clan that turns bad before settling down, mother dies from sickness when he's a teenager, the father change job into a writer but also died trying to be responsible for his past deeds, leaving him but told him live by his own to the fullest regardless. Despite learning and training hard to cultivate ever since he was 7, reality hits him hard, house need renovation and he's broke, so he went to Xing Town to get a job and save money. One day he get a speaking talisman and now he's a member of the Wu Ren Clan

Gao Xie was living his childhood in a small family in a village on the outskirt of Yu City. His parents are senior member cultivators who fled from their clan in the past due to some disagreements with their new chief of the clan, for they refuse to go on shoddy missions for greedy local officials. After Marrying his fellow mate, his father works as a full-time writer.

Although both of his parents used to be cultivators, Xie’s Mother is very different from her husband who has an elegant and laid-back vibe. She’s not very literate and is an enormously burly Half-Han (half nomad) woman with intimidating presence, despite the truth of that she’s actually a soft-hearted woman. She often sneaks out to train on their house backyard and have his son accompany her, she hoped that his son can learn the teachings that they have been cultivating for so long, to be a good cultivator. his father did not approve it at first but eventually softened as he gets persuaded and seeing his child potential.

Ah Xie has been a diligent child since a young age and has never refused to study new things. The fact that he never really had friends of his age for often being discriminated for being a bit different (having a half-Han intimidating mom, uncommon quirks for being oblivious to his own face blind condition) actually made him more focused in both his training and literature studies while bonding with his parents, especially his mother whom passed away when he’s 14 from sickness.

Both father and son return after spreading his mother's ashes by the Jing harbor only to be framed and seized by another official who turns out of having their family member a victim of his father’s clan’s past wrongdoings. That’s also the time that they figure out that this official has been taking revenge on every member of the clan who murdered a member of their family. His father begged them to spare his son and claimed that he would be responsible for his disciple’s wrongdoings. It resulted in him being tasked to undergo an impossible mission (an obvious suicide mission) but agreed immediately.

Before they get separated, his father makes sure that his son understands his choice of being responsible for his past and make him took an oath that he should take care of himself and train to be a good cultivator no matter what, and that he should live his life to the fullest and not to do things that would cause regret. Ah Xie was also given a key to a secret basement under his house so he could access his parents training manuals to teach himself and some other memorable stuff.

Despite being all alone after his father's funeral, Ah Xie spent another year training by himself diligently to distract himself from mourning too much, it's also done since he's been meaning to join Ye Shan school. After finding the route, he stopped climbing as soon as he realizes that he’s not mentally ready for it. When he returns to his house, he was shocked to find half of his house, which has already burnt down due to minor accidents from his neighbor. The good news is that the things in his basement are safe, but his current house is no longer a proper place to live through winter and he had not enough money for renovation.

His parent’s reputation and other’s judgment toward him didn’t help him to get a decent job at his hometown so he travels to a new place, the Xing Town. The very first year in the outskirts was a quite life-changing experience for him since he is quite airheaded and still learns to actually live in society as an individual. He gets through a lot of dangerous situations for trying to steal from the wrong person, being tricked for being too naive, passed out due to hunger once and etc. However, he did also received help from the town residents. After some time trying to survive moving jobs on trivial errands while maintaining his training, he got a stable job as an errand boy and an assistant of a butcher in a restaurant while sometimes getting tipped for helping the illiterate acquaintances to write or read for some years.

Even though he’s quite accustomed to his hectic new life of training and working on any odd jobs he could find, life has never been easy to him. There is one time where he ended up fighting a group of robbers of three who tried to rob the cash during his shift in a store next to the restaurant he usually works in and actually beats two of them and leaving the last member to escape the scene.

That time, a customer who watches the entire event asked about his name and if he belongs to any clan, with other personal information. Despite him not willing to talk to a stranger, his employer ended up blabbering all his information, even jokes while elaborating his questionable cultivation training every day to be a cultivator even though he’s just another errand boy. Before leaving the store, that customer casually asked Ah Xie if what was said was true he'd like to join a clan someday, which he simply nodded. He received a speaking talisman after a few weeks and joined Wu Ren Clan naturally.

It's only a few months since he was recruited to the clan and is still trying to blend with the others. When he heard the news about the murder of leaders and strong cultivator over the places, he gets reminded of his dead parents and decided to train harder to not to disappoint them.


  • He can talk just fine, however, he has a very hoarse and lower voice than the average kids and it gets worse after his voice breaks, he dislikes repeating himself and it just discourages him, even more, to initiate a conversation.
  • the elderlies scare him more than anything. He just has no idea about how to deal with them.
  • He's not aware of his face-blind condition, he can’t even recognize his own face. He thought everyone is just very good at differentiating facial features and he just has to work harder to identify people. Sadly, his attempt on sniffing and stalking people to study them like a duckling following their mother duck is not very welcomed by most people.
  • what is personal space?
  • He is still growing
  • left-handed
  • His mood is 75% affected by his stomach and the remaining for his heart and mind. He is not picky about food as long it was served in big portion and would eat almost anything, (he has quite an extreme reaction to delicious food though)
  • Some might see him a bit extra when it comes to training, (he even wears a pair of hand weight tied inside the bandage on both of his hands), but that's actually just his high tolerance of pain and the mindset of "what won't kill you, won't kill you"
  • When he wasn’t physically training, he would be seen meditating and practicing tongue clicking in random places to help him listen to Echoes and differentiate small frequencies (read skill)
  • He would respond to people who call him Shao or Ah Shao (whistle)
  • He has neat writings and broad vocabularies but his writing sense is too straightforward and blunt it's nowhere elegant.
  • Is making people awkward and giving people secondhand embarrassment for being with him 24/7
  • His restaurant boss gifted him a cleaver that he always brings anywhere he goes in case he needs to cut something other than fighting. it might seem a bit horrid when he took them out to cut small stuff but he’s pretty neat when it comes to handwork, esp. preparing meat or chopping vegetables to be cooked. when he's not wearing the Wu Ren bell as a necklace, he'd tied it to the handle of his cleaver.
  • He also keeps his mother’s horse-chopping saber with him, he still can’t swing them to save lives yet, but he wished to learn a thing or two about it and practice soon after he joined the clan.

RP preferences: 
◆ Style: lit, script, headcanons ok
◆ Platform: preferable discord?
◆ Content: any(?) just hit me up if you had any ideas to play with! as long as you don't mind bad english and cringy prompts
Timezone: UTC +7

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