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Speed paint sad alien 2o min



I start almost everyday with a speed paint to warm up the wacom board. I often film these speedies, to keep track on my process and see what I am doing right/wrong. I thought I might wanna start share these with you. this one is quite old.

These are SPEED paints. I have a timer I set for 20 min, so most of my speed paints are around 20 min. If a speed paint takes more than 1 hour, I dont think it's a speed paint anymore, then it's an illustration.

I sometimes use my speed paints as start ups for other work, and it's kind of sweet to have a huge folder with "sketches" to choose and pick from if you're running low on ideas some times.

also, there are always things you see as soon as the time is up, that you realize you should have done different, and there are always loads of stuff you miss or do wrong. But the important thing is just to nail something, a feeling and basic design in 20 min. This one is done in 2o min.


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It looks so sad and adorable ='( awesome job btw