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Hot tea is the most wonderful thing in the whole world. Well, except kisses))
The man is albino, yes)

Upd: Thank you for all kind words! I love you, guys! So sorry, but I can't answer to all of you, and I must give a little annotation to this piece. This is not historical scene, it is fiction. It's not Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan or China. It is my litte fantasy around of asian people and traditional clothing, a part of illustration for fantasy story wrotten by me and me friend. Sorry, but you can't read it eather. 8))
Next time I think I must show some of traditional russian costume...
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MakrmmajedNew Deviant

Very beautiful wow

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Words lost... yet, let me say... gorgeous!
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ArtOnFyreProfessional Digital Artist
I love the way your characters seem comfortable in the scene. The details of the clothing and the surrounding landscape are precise where you need them to be, and you fill in the rest in a painterly way. I really enjoy this image.

It would be a perfect illustration for the Eternal Sky books by Elizabeth Bear. Your people, their love of tea and horses, their costumes, and the landscape, look the way she describes her nomadic people.  I would love to read YOUR story someday.
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This is still one of the most intriguing pictures I've seen on DeviantArt, even years later. It makes us ALL wonder what the story is, after all.  ;)
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tbizzo3kHobbyist General Artist
Wow! Just.... wow!
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невероятно круто!
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larvlProfessional Digital Artist
This is one of my favorite paintings of all time. I really can't describe how much I love this one. You must have such a beautifull mind. It really inspires me a lot.
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InsanelyCuteHobbyist Writer
Frozen Snowflake Plz

Oh my, this is awesome! You should totally paint some of these traditional lacquer boxes. They are so elegant and this picture is of exquisite beauty. It makes me want to do some winter BBQ! Plus I ABSOLUTELY love winter scenes! Do more of that, please Love    !
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Toru-meowProfessional Digital Artist
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InsanelyCuteHobbyist Writer
Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1]  VERY GOOD!
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AdelaidemarieHobbyist Digital Artist
Божественно! Атмосфера просто невероятная, прямо чувствуется холод, снег и пар горячего чая. И герои потрясающие)
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Wonderful! It reminds me of a manga I read, mainly because of the attire of the men, even that in the background! I really like it :)
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BrandyWoodsProfessional General Artist
Stunningly beautiful! <3
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marcinwitt Traditional Artist
great posture, good work
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KhasdannyanlordStudent Traditional Artist
amazing! perhaps the fantasy touch its the essence of this! incredible and really mastered painted! (my english sucks sorry!)
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edanxStudent Digital Artist
These everyday scenes are cool. All the composition is lovelly, especially the girl. She look very natural and nice.

= )
Good job!
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sakura-kazeStudent Traditional Artist
he looks so cool!!
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What a lovely, lovely scene!
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NBVegaHobbyist General Artist
Funny you mention Kazakhstan, because the woman totally looks Kazakh. I was actually very surprised when I met my first traveler from Kazakhstan and she was a strikingly gorgeous, vaguely asian looking woman with a Russian accent lol. Not every single person from Kazakhstan obviously has this very unique appearance, but many do.

Gorgeous work. I can almost feel the warmth of the tea in contrast to the bitter cold!
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FestivaaliStudent Photographer
Tea is good, but I prefer coffee.
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anotherwandererProfessional Digital Artist
I love the characters design! And tea :)
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Mister-HizumHobbyist General Artist
Обалденно!! Костюмы действительно получились интересным гибридом) А не калмыцкий-ли чай  они пьют, или что-то подобное ?-)
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Toru-meowProfessional Digital Artist
Наподобие да.)
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