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July 9, 2013
Neverland's Grand Finale by ~Toru-meow
Featured by RezaBisuto
Suggested by Christa-Kinde
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Neverland's Grand Finale

GRAFIT-studio [link]

I think Captain Hook will be alright. Croc just a chew him a bit.

Upd: Oh, dear lord, it's DD!! XD Not the very first DD, but it's always surprise to me. Thank you so much, love you all)
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I think this is what Wendy had in mind when she agreed to run away to Neverland with Peter, she envisioned Peter being the brave, daring yet loving boyfriend figure that she dreamed he would be. Fighting off pirates to protect her while having endless fun and adventures with her brothers and the lost-boys and also having the occasional powwow with red-skinned Indians and frolicking with fairies.

Peter Pan carries his friend Wendy Darling here lovingly in his arms on the beach of Neverland which in turn excites the jealousy of the fairy Tinkerbell and they on an offending non-verbal way to Wendy let turn out! 

Her youngest brother Michael Darling runs especially fascinated on them while his older brother John Darling this also very exciting and Princess Tiger Lily (John is seemingly fall in love with her!) the view from Wendy's brothers as well.

Nana, the dog's Darlings and their nanny, rent links to them in the background while her opponent, the monstrous crocodile, is about his arch-nemesis Captain James Hook, alive to devour! These cries also almost out of fear!

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Wow this is amazing! How did u do this??
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sooo awesome!!(*^^*)
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От созерцания прекрасной картины меня реально отвлекает пожирание Хука на переднем планеLlama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1] 

А вообще то более чем обалденски здорово всё это..:D (Big Grin) 
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Спасибо) Рада, что вы оценили)
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this is so funny and endearing.  :D
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I like how everyone's just walking by the giant alligator eating someone and is like, "Ain't no problem here."

It IS Captain Hook, but sheesh. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that thing!
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Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
i like how nonchalant they are about how Captain Hook is being eaten alive in front of him
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This is gorgeous. 
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This is gorgeous.
Wendy is lovely and Hook is great.  The Croc obviously has a taste for codfish.
For me it's Tiger Lilly that stands out.  She's often forgotten, but here is standing tall and proud in her tribal headdress, every inch a princess
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This is absolutely incredible! Wow the great attention to detail and Hook oh my gosh.....simply marvelous it really is wow.
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This is awesome!! Do you usualy paint greyscales first or directly in colors?
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Both) It's depends on my mood and vision of future image
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Nice, how about this one? what method did you use?
Thank you for the repply ^^
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This one was going directly in color ) It's becouse I haven't time enough for grayscale
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Oh, I see, Thank you so much for the attention ^^
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always welcome)
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Epic portrayal of one of my favorite movies!!  Dance! 

Oh my goodness, Captain Hook's face is priceless!!!  :rofl:  
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