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pues eso, k m paso al vectorial mas "tradicional". inspirado por la cancion technologic de Daft Punk.
puede usarse como fondo de escritorio ;)
i go into more "traditional" vector art. inspired by Daft Punk's song called Technologic.
can be use as wallpaper ;)
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buy it use it trash it fix it lol awesome song
awesome picture!!!!
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ey esta genial! muy bueno para fondo, si
pero lo mejor esk dices k t inspiraste en una cancion....:D nunka m ha pasado eso, kreo (o pokisimas veces y casi sin darme kuenta:aww:)
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this is cooollllll...
:D :D :D :D
:headbang: :headbang:
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hey...que usas para crear estos fondos?
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illustrator cs tio :) creo k lo pone en la descripcion
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me puse un poco de tiempo a encontralo pero ya lo logre bajar
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i also like how there's no antialiasing issues, its very clean and professional looking
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thank u so much! im glad that u use it as a wallpaper!
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thats a seriosly sweet wallpaper, i'm using it for my desktop right now, (i've edit it a little bit to suit my purposes[size, location, added your name so iwouldnt forget])
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Omg ... Sweety ur getting so damned good at this... LOVE IT!!!!
Believe me when I say that u suprised me... It's great!! :hug:
Keep it coming ... what tool did u use?!

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thank u so much sweety! i apreciate it a lot.
it's my first experiment on illustrator
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Hey... nice.. and what do u think about illustrator?!
I'm trying with it too... kind of difficult for me to turn from photohshop to illustrator..
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hum it was know i'm used to corel and it's quite different. i tried to do some things i could do with corel and i wasn't able but i guess that it's just because i don't know how. anyway i found some interesting tools...
well changing from photoshop is quite more difficult, actually you shouldn't change, it'd be great if u could combine both. if u think i can help you with anything just ask me ;)
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eso te lo tomo mas que enserio!!!
Grasias cariño.... :hug:
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pretty cool
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thanks a lot!
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