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Klonoa: Crusaders of Pugiland - Vision 1-4
Horizons of Lunshyr and Lilyacoo
“And here's what you wanted, kid!” Bartoul exclaimed, handing over the items to Klonoa. “Silverwood Ore and two Enchanted Sails. I put everythin' in this shoulder bag.”
“Thanks, Mr.Bartoul!” Klonoa said, grinning. He put the brown and golden bag over his shoulder and hastily opened in. A silver-colored rock-like item and two folded sails were indeed resting inside, confirming that his mission was complete. He handed over the Quartz Lilyacoo had given him and walked down the stairs, waving towards the old bear.
“Be careful on the road.” Bartoul told him. “I know you can defend yourself pretty well, but you still messed with some Combat Clan members. They might get back at ya for it. The Pistol and Beast Clans are especially keen on revenge.”
Klonoa sighed. “You make it sound like they're bad guys.” he said bitterly. “I tho
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Klonoa: Crusaders of Pugiland - Vision 1-3
Lilyacoo's Ark
“Alright, we're out.” Lilyacoo exclaimed as she sat on the ground to catch her breath. “Welcome to Parry Town.”
Klonoa arrived at the edge of Emerlight Forest and contemplated the place down below. From where he was, Klonoa could see that Parry Town was in reality a group of urbanized villages with all of their constructions standing directly above sea level. These villages were linked together by several bridges which all lead to a rather large town center, filled with buildings and shops of various colors and shapes. It was as if someone had smashed different construction plans together to create a chaotic result. And to top it all off, Klonoa noticed a variety of ports as well as a waterfall a few meters away from Parry Town, which itself led to a wide ocean.
“Wow.” Klonoa whispered to himself. “I didn't expect to find a city on water!”
“And lo
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Klonoa: Crusaders of Pugiland - Vision 1-2
Silvan maze of the Devil's Bard
Klonoa gazed up, his ears once again picking up the distinct sounds of rustling in the large foliage crowning the branches of the surrounding trees. From time to time, animal cries would also break the silence, participating in a huge concert of noises that Klonoa and Hewpoe couldn't identify. It was an invisible spectacle, both mesmerizing and unsettling. But despite this, Klonoa remained confident as he walked through Emerlight Forest.
This place is really weird.” Hewpoe said to Klonoa, hidden inside of the Wind Bullet. “I'll never understand how you can always stay so… calm, Klonoa.
“Well we've been to a lot of weird places!” Klonoa exclaimed. “It doesn't feel any weirder than rescuing a diva from a king of nightmares, or visiting a kingdom that's not allowed to dream.”
You're right.” Hewpoe said a
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Klonoa: Crusaders of Pugiland - Vision 1-1
The beginning of combats
...Noa…! Klonoa! Wake up, quickly!
"Ugh… Wha… What…?"
Klonoa's eyes snapped open, his long ears moving around as he turned his face right and left, fully awake. He had risen up just in time to witness the giant speeding wheels about to crush him in his sleep.
"Nyaaaaa!!" screaming at the top of his lungs, Klonoa managed to roll aside, barely avoiding the deadly danger. "Whew!" he exclaimed as the wheels stopped their infernal noise. "That was close..."
Klonoa looked up. Above him was a blue sphere-like floating being with a star above its head and a ring below. It smiled cheerfully and waved its chubby hands in a saluting gesture.
"Hewpoe!" Klonoa exclaimed, overjoyed to see his friend again. “I'm so glad you're here! How did you–”
"Hey, kiddo!"
Klonoa and Hewpoe turned aroun
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WST - Round 1 - Page 3 - Big Version by Tortwag WST - Round 1 - Page 3 - Big Version :icontortwag:Tortwag 6 2 WST - Round 1 - Page 2 by Tortwag WST - Round 1 - Page 2 :icontortwag:Tortwag 3 0 WST Round 1: Deadly Strikers Vs Henshin R - Page 1 by Tortwag WST Round 1: Deadly Strikers Vs Henshin R - Page 1 :icontortwag:Tortwag 7 29 World Spriter's Tournament 2014 Entry by Tortwag World Spriter's Tournament 2014 Entry :icontortwag:Tortwag 8 16 Scaldon the Gizoid MkI by Tortwag Scaldon the Gizoid MkI :icontortwag:Tortwag 6 12 Deadly Dart full sprite sheet - New D-Locker by Tortwag Deadly Dart full sprite sheet - New D-Locker :icontortwag:Tortwag 9 21 Kirby Dart - Bombs away! by Tortwag Kirby Dart - Bombs away! :icontortwag:Tortwag 14 9 Shell Master Tortwag Prototype by Tortwag Shell Master Tortwag Prototype :icontortwag:Tortwag 8 15 Shell Gear - Dysloko and the shell capsules by Tortwag Shell Gear - Dysloko and the shell capsules :icontortwag:Tortwag 5 5 Custom Shell Sprite Sheet by Tortwag Custom Shell Sprite Sheet :icontortwag:Tortwag 9 7 Surbin - Ready to Go! by Tortwag Surbin - Ready to Go! :icontortwag:Tortwag 4 0 Target Locking Symbol: dual model by Tortwag Target Locking Symbol: dual model :icontortwag:Tortwag 4 6


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Tortwag's Profile Picture
Shell Master Tortwag
Artist | Student | Digital Art
French Southern Territories
Greetings ladies and Gentlemen! I am Shell Mster Tortwag, a 16 years joyful and creative boy, nice to meet you^^
I live in France, and I entered in a special international school, where many languages meet^^ It's like a crossroad where different culture meet, and it's pretty good :)
I'm improving, learning and getting better at speaking English, which is important considering I want to become a Game Designer. That'll be the first step for a project I'm been thinking since a long time, and that have been developing slowly but surely in my mind. I must improve my creativity as well for that.

I hope I can succeed, because if I do, you might discover a world, no, a brand new universe with one goal: Entertain :D


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Oh, and in case you weren't aware: the Glyphayel person that also read a few of your reports is my alternate account. Haven't used it in a while, though.
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