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Fanart isn't something I indulge in often, because when I do it tends to get... weird, to say the least.
But this turned out alright, so let's just roll with it.

The characters are Kyle (or 'Red Hot') and 'The Annihilator' (or Duncan Wells) from 'The Young Protectors'.

TYP appeals to me for two main reasons:
1. My fetish for ginger kids.
2. My fetish for inappropriately older gentlemen.

Drawn with graphite, gel pens, fine liner pens, coloured pencils and TRIA markers.
As usual, the scanner annihilated the colours some... how strangely appropriate.

Edit: Got a new scanner and updated the file. There are actual colours now!

Original The Young Protectors stories and characters by Alex Woolfson.
Original The Young Protectors character art and pencils by Adam DeKraker.
Original The Young Protectors colors by Veronica Gandini.
© 2012 Alex Woolfson. All Rights Reserved.
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Oh this is just so great! There isnt enough art of these two.