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Sentient non-being entity.
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My Bio
A sentient non-being entity who likes shoes, doesn't believe in giraffes and has a tragic hunger for pie.

Favourite Visual Artist
Louis William Wain
Favourite Movies
Terrible B grade sorts that have no business here if we're to pretend you have any respect for me at all.
Favourite TV Shows
Mostly cartoons aimed at children aged 6-14, occasionally interspersed with trashy documentaries about murder.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Probably the ones you hate the most.
Favourite Books
The ones with pictures.
Favourite Writers
Those who write fanfiction.
Favourite Games
You know that nonsense David Cage does? Yeah, that.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo (they could vomit in a paper bag and I'd still buy it).
Tools of the Trade
Maladaptive daydreaming.
Other Interests
Brightly coloured plastic horses, body horror, web-comics, and trashy vampire paperback novels.
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Computer died at the end of last year. It was probably 8-10 years old so when the motherboard went everybody was all kinds of: "Mai, no, please don't get that repaired it isn't worth it, just get a new computer." In the mean time a friend dropped off an old laptop they had in storage to keep me under control because... wow. Equivalent computers to the one that died? Are possibly not something I'll ever be able to afford again. Was down a job in that time as well since being a typist relies solely on access to a functional computer. A customer at my day job for sure thought I was 10-15 years younger than I actually am when she asked if "This is just a summer job, right?" No, ma'am, I work here part-time. "So you are studying then?" No, ma'am, that's too expensive for me. "Well you should really get a second job to put yourself through school." I do have two jobs, ma'am. Even my coworker wanted to know how I'm supposed to work two jobs while also having enough time for
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Surviving 2020 more or less unscathed- it certainly hasn't been my worst year personally, but that hasn't made the ride any less wild. The lockdown measures appear to have worked out okay and COVID-19 has largely been eradicated in the state of Victoria, with low numbers across the rest of the country. Society is easing back into something resembling normalcy, though admittedly I'm kind of an indoor cat and lockdown is my ideal lifestyle. The weather is warming up which means my physical health is rapidly going down the drain. Air conditioning doesn't seem to be functioning correctly at work which led to me having a nose bleed* toward the end of one of my shifts the other week. Facemasks are still mandatory in the shop though, so I figured as long as it didn't leak out nobody needed to know and I could clean up in the car after clocking out. (Apparently sick pay is less than regular rates, so it wasn't worth leaving early.) On the topic of blood, my iron levels crashed and nobody
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Level 4 lockdown restrictions are tentatively starting to ease up. Personally I'm not ready to reintegrate into society in any capacity, but I was already an unwilling participant to begin with, so it's kind of a moot point.
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