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Choose One of your OCS.
The Answers Must be written in your OC’s Point of View
Your OC cannot lie.
Your Journal Entry should be "Super OC Interview"
Tag as many people as you want.
Have fun!

LoaBanner(L) by tortox

1.- Hello, and welcome to 20 Questions with Fourth Wall Magazine! What is your real name and nickname?

Thanks for having me! It should be no surprise to some people, but my name is Fionna Williams. In demonic, it sounds alot like "Loa".

2.- Very Nice to meet you, what is your current age?

I'm now 25 years young!

3.- What is your alignment in the great never-ending battle of good and evil?

That depends on what their motives are. I've been in the business long enough to fear both sides in some way. I consider myself as someone who wants to do the right thing.

4.- What is the origin of your powers?

Guess that it runs in the family, as far as I can tell, I've been born with them. The first time I remember using my magic is with my mother. It's only a blur now though.

5.- Fascinating! Now, superpowers and such aside, what do you feel is your greatest strength as a character?

My will to study! There are still untold potential to unlock, I wish to become the strongest I can be, for that, I require more studies.

6.- Here's what may be a bizarre question: What kind of Universe do you exist in? Is it serious? Comical? Sexy? Noir? Horror?

I believe reality is all of these.

7.- A lot of super-people have certain recurring elements of tragedy in their background. The readers would like to know if you do as well. For instance, are your parents still alive and/or did you come from a destroyed planet? Stuff like that.

Funny you'd mention parentage.. I have very vague memories of them. I recall they were very important to me, I also know they were good people, my teacher always tells me so.
However, I can't remember their eyes, their smiles.. This fact is probably the thing that hurts the most..

8.- Who made your costume?

I did! It wasn't cheap! I had tailoring lessons once and decided to embrace my sorceress lineage. I had quite a troubled origin, and I feel the black colors compliment that feeling.
9.- Do you have siblings?

Not that I know of.
It'd be quite strange for them to never say hello.

10.- What is your biggest fear/ worst nightmare?

You know, over the years I made some remarkable connections, friends of all kinds. If I somehow lost or forgot them I'd be devastated. They are a big reason why I keep doing what I do.
They keep me company when I feel alone.

11.- Are you a solo act, or part of a team?

Hmm, seems quite redundant I'm now solo and told you I enjoy company doesn't it?
This is only temporary I assure you, only until I complete my tasks as a mage.

12.- Who is your worst enemy and why?

At one point I always considered it to be my own grandmother, what she did was somethings of unspeakable evil, but soon after she died. Then I thought it was Deathwatch, but then she got defeated...
I have a tendency to...uh..kill my enemies....

13.- Huh, okay. interesting. Then, who is your best friend?

Heh, I have many.. Oh, you're asking me to pick only one? Damn.. Then I'll go with the one that saved me when I was little, Tenebrus.

14.- Confession time; Who is your lover?

That's.. uh..undetermined..

15.- Existential question: What would you do if you could ever meet your creator?

I'd ask him how to boost my magic first!
Then I'd ask if I can have a small skirmish!

16.- What is your lifelong dream?

I thought about it for a while, I wanted to teach magic to young aspiring wizards one day, do what my teacher did for me.
Becoming a mentor, maybe even a director! However, above all, I want to help make the world a better place.

17.- What would you do if your dream came true?

I would teach a new generation of mages! How inspiring! Maybe one day..

18.- As a character, do you have any personal demons or overarching regrets that haunt you?

Many, I try my best to rectify them.
The biggest one must be the day I left my school for revenge..

19.-  What does your "secret identity" do for work?

I don't have one, haha! I can't care less that my foes know who I am, come at me fools! All my friends have powers of their own as well!

20.- Last question, and it's a DOOZY for a super: What is the WEIRDEST thing that has happened to you?

Oh! I have one!
Being transformed into a dude for a few hours was weird.. Still trying to find the one responsible..
Oh, and I also fought a parasite thing with a hand monster..
Had to stop an eye-patch bald guy from using a psychic helmet thing.
I lost my speech for some damn reason while trying to buy groceries, which was a nightmare!
Once I went on a bike race, why? I can't even remember!

[At this point, the host is is growing desperate.]

..went inside a dude's head to kill someone else...went inside the president's head once as well..
Had to fight a interdimensional overlord with another version of myself.
befriending a racoon boy.
Had to encounter a future version of myself..a slave version and then an evil version too! That one was weird!
I also had to trust a former thunder force member who turned evil but then went good again...then..evil again...
You want to know the weirdest? My answer is probably AFL...
Where did he go?..

I did the thing Lecter-the-Mu tagged me for!
Hey you, reader, I tag you!
You can do it if you want to.
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I also love drawing in general. Mostly trying new things and drawing dynamic poses is great fun! I'll hopefully learn from my images and keep getting better.

Mini FAQ:

Age: 24
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