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My first Lightning shot 2 years ago
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3231x1982px 2.65 MB
Shutter Speed
25/1 second
Focal Length
18 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jun 21, 2005, 10:54:38 PM
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I love this picture so much! I most certainly LOVE the impact of this picture!! I believe in God and in seeing this I am in awe of his beautiful creation! I think you have a wonderful gift!! You caught an Amazing picture!!!

The visibility of the picture is wonderful also! It's beyond beautiful! It's the best picture caught of lightning that I think I have ever seen! I do do do hope that you catch more pictures like this one! How long have you been taking pictures? I am now going to have to see what else you have on your account!
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
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Okay then... if I knew where to start with this one, I would have started explaining already. No pun intended, but this left me awestruck. (get it, struck! XD) Anyways, the way you took this is just awesome! The central lightning bolt itself is like perfectly defined in this picture! The only down side to this picture I can see is the fact that everyone submits pictures of lightning here, but by far, this picture left me the most awestruck. (there goes the pun again! XD) And those streaks of lightning streaking across the sky, a combo of pure awesomeness and pure terror! It's just do perfect!
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HOT DAMN! Where to start? The tension is wonderful in this picture! Not only did you capture the tension, but you were able to show us the contrast in this shot! The second from the right bolt is BEAUTIFUL! In an ideal world, it would be more centered, but then you wouldn't be able to see the stray bolts on the very left. Depending on the resolution of this shot, I would love for you to upload a separate picture of the left side of this photo, because I feel it deserves just as much attention as the blue streak near the center. Thank you for allowing critique. This is a job well done!
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Wonderful show of the power of nature
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Where are you getting these perfect shots?!
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Zeus is really pissed now!
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that is AWESOME!!!
This is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!
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Amazing shot! Would I be able to use this image in a school project? It's non-commercial, but the teacher needs us to get permission from copyright holders of any content we don't produce ourselves. Please let me know ASAP =D
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So God decided he hated this, that and those places O.o
This. Is. A true force of nature, pictured 'just' perfect!
That is the most beautiful photo I have seen in a long while.
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My fathers friend, KC, Was struck by lightning twice and lived.
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Perfect timing shot:clap:
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epiic but how did you manage to do it O-o isn't it dangerous ?!!?
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Man i love this soooo much, the colors and the amount of lightningstreaks coming down :3
But could you give me tips on how to make good shots of lightning?
So far i got a Nikon D3100 (cheap...)
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Thank you.

Take your Nikon D3100 and a wide angle lens.
Mount it on a tripod. Closed aperture (f8-f14) and a long exposure time
around 10 -. 30 seconds. Thats it
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FUCK............i just pissed my pants its so awesome
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Gotta love them Lightning storms!!!!!
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