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I don't know how accurate this is but my vision led me here!

All Cosplay was created and modeled by :iconmeevers-desu: ~Meevers-Desu Like on facebook [link]

Photo and editing by :icontorremitsu: =Torremitsu Like us on facebook [link]

Other photo's from this shoot...

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A very interesting pic. Very pretty too.
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beautiful picture and effect :)
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Awesome! Very well done! 
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This is so cool!
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I'm your fan, I 'm losing nights , study and study .. to get to the effects of your photo, you use images or brushes ? You would provide these brushes ? I can afford .. Forgiveness for English using google translator
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Very Awesome. 
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This is a bit inaccurate - they're benders, they can't create elemental powers like that, they can only bend them. There has to be a source of water/fire/earth/air, otherwise it doesn't work.

Other than that, fantastic job! Love the effect :)
TemeCosplayers's avatar
You forget water is in air, 
Remember The last avatar when the evil waterbender lady taught Katara how to bend water from the air and around her? 
and fire.. they work by chemicals..
wind is air.. air is everywhere
ground is basically in every mineral we build our structures with today
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They can create elemental powers. Only fire though.
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That's how the benders should be able to do. 
Air is everywhere, so its possible to bend it any time and anywhere on earth .. 
So is ground, ..  even the sea beds are made of soil and stuff .. 
Water is almost everywhere,  there are water molecules floating everywhere, which makes the humidity ..  (and clouds)

But the problem is with fire .. 
no its not available everywhere, but yet the fire benders are able to create them from nowhere, when in reality they should only able to bend the existing fire not create them ...   that's where the problem is.  

but who cares ? ...  oh wells .. 
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Fire is a plasma. It is heat and light. Lightining and fire are really the only things trey can make. That being said, they can shape it from from anything that burn. Oxygen is extremely flammable if pure. I would imagine fire bending is close to air bending. With that, they pribably can bend the oxygen from the rest of the nitrogen and carbon dioxide and somehow also spark it to ingnite. At that point, all of the oxygen in the immediate area is fuel. 

But... How do they spark it? In the end it is still quite the debate. Great point, Hexacun. Amazing cosplay and photography Korremitsu!
Decatonkeil's avatar
I think firebenders can create fire because although in a fantasy setting it's an "element", it's also a chemical reaction of combustion. I think they just need oxygen to burn. In what situation would they not have oxygen? I'll tell you which one, one in which not being able to firebend would be the least of their worries. I think that's the thing with firebenders. That's why pro-bending has these adapted "earth discs" and water supplies but no torches. Firebenders have always been like that, and it annoyed me a lot when they needed lit fires to use it in the live action movie. Although it wasn't the worst thing in that movie by a long shot.
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she makes an amazing korra <3
themeepynerd's avatar
This is a really good cosplay - it doesn't look too artificial like a lot of Avatar cosplays do (because of the colors). Even the hair is spot on!
This is awesome!
mercuryproject's avatar
what's the process for this in photoshop?
Mary-Love-2000's avatar
Are you sure you aren't Korra?? o.O
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