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Published: February 13, 2015
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Tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse

1.    Don't go to hospital
The first thing that may cross your mind when faced with an outbreak is to go to a hospital or medical facility.  Unfortunately this is the worst thing to do as bite victims will be taken there initially meaning that, within hours, hospitals will quickly become hot houses of the living dead.

2.    Stay in good shape
You will frequently find yourself needing to outrun ravenous hordes of zombies.  It's important therefore to be at the peak of physical fitness.

3.    Choose your team
It's always better if you can have someone watching your back. However, it pays to pick the right allies.  Doctors, mechanics and farmers are particularly useful.  Avoid drug addicts, drunkards, the elderly or fat people (see 2) unless you plan to use them as decoys.

4.    Dress appropriately
It may be tempting to wear full body armour and/or a helmet, but these can easily slow you down allowing you to be surrounded by swarms of the dead.  Light clothing and running shoes are recommended.  Stout boots can offer protection to the ankles which are frequently a target for the not-quite-dead zombie that you overlooked.

5.    Choose your weapon
Everybody knows zombies will die from a blow to the head.  Guns may offer a feeling of comfort and safety but, unlike the legions of the dead, ammunition will run out. The sound of gunfire can also be relied upon to bring more adversaries. Baseball bats and pick axe handles are ideal as they allow you to keep grasping zombies at arms length, while avoiding the risk of sharper or pointed hand weapons which may become lodged in your target, leaving you defenceless.

6.    Choose your location
Although full of useful medical supplies, hospitals (see 1) are difficult to defend.  A fortress must offer restricted access, but also a means of escape.  However safe you may feel in a tower block, you will starve to death eventually if besieged by the walking dead.  Shopping Malls can offer a wide range of supplies, if you are able to clear them and barricade them effectively.

Zombie Apocalypse advice by Hannah Duffy
Made in Daz Studio 3.1 and Photoshop CS2
Background is Sky by blueangelstock used with thanks!
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saturnsamHobbyist Photographer
There is nothing sexier than a girl who can handle a gun.
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SleepingNymph Digital Artist
What a LOVELY girl! :love:
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Torqual3DHobbyist Digital Artist
Glad you think so!
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BriannabaterProfessional Photographer
Love this!
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BambinoNeroStudent Digital Artist
Nice! But wasn't she killed with arrow last summer?
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Torqual3DHobbyist Digital Artist
Nah.... 3D characters are very tough.  That was only one possible story, more of a 'what if'.  Just like the zombie future.

Hannah is alive and going strong.
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Also...avoid public washrooms at all costs! You never want to get caught with your pants down. 
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EncyesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Of all the 3D models I have viewed, THIS one is definitely the most realistic. Well done!
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Torqual3DHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, that's very kind of you!
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She looks Professional and Competant but I'd STILL prefer to rely on a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range. Those Zombie Monsters will flame right on out of existence and into HELL!!!!! :D
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Torqual3DHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey man, only what you see.

12 gauge auto loader? UZI 9mm?

Any one of these is perfect for home defence.
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lol, i like, génial ^^
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LOL!  My partner has detailed zombie apocalypse plans, and has spent a lot of time thinking about how to defend a makeshift colony made with shipping containers.  ...and oddly, I think I recognize that bat.  ;-)

Love the image (badass redhead!), love Hannah (still my fave!), and she is set to do some serious damage to the zombie horde...!
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Torqual3DHobbyist Digital Artist
Yep, it's THAT BAT!
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dreamdesigner442Professional Interface Designer
The dangers of the real world are worst than that zombies! :-) I wish I would hear some precautions/tips about the politicians!!LOL :-)By the way Hannah looks so sweet,I think every gentleman could be volunteer to try to protect her against that zombies! :-)Very nice work! :-)
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Torqual3DHobbyist Digital Artist
Very true.  Maybe we need tips next for surviving Ebola, Putin, ISIS and of course Black Friday.
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Y-PhilHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for tips.. I'll remember these :D
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lol, ironic because Zombies are already dead. 
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Torqual3DHobbyist Digital Artist
The living dead, can still be killed.
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Mann-of-LaManchaHobbyist Digital Artist
:XD: nice t-shirt! good render
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