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Adult Amanda Jones - Introduction
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Published: October 14, 2015
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OK so... here she is.  There was a very positive response two weeks ago to a 'dream version' of what Amanda might look like in her late 20's (inspired by a picture I found, and the film La Femme Nikita).  So I thought it right and proper to offer a more detailed look at 'Adult Amanda', as the vote decided we should call her.

Using Morphs I have worked carefully to progress Amanda's appearance to an age between 25 and 29; I don't like to say 'ageing' her, it's more a case of making her 'less young'. Her features are more defined and, I am hoping you will think, more elegant. Gone is her simple centre-parted bob and now she has what we'd call an actual hairstyle, with a cut fringe and side parting.

She doesn't only look different: she is different. Five years on from graduating, Amanda is an independent, confident, successful, professional woman. She's much less introverted, geeky, idealistic - and much of her innocence has been replaced by pragmatism. She sometimes looks back on her days as a girl detective with a small amount of embarrassment, not least for some of the epic fails that accompanied her occasional successes. And some of the things that happened to her were more than a little traumatic - she doesn't like to revisit them. She's past all that now. Outgrown it. 

Ha - or so she thinks!

As befits Amanda's new confidence, I searched hard for a 'grown-up' outfit, then it became obvious that Adult Amanda was fine to pose in her underwear. And it seemed as good a place as any to start.

So what does this mean? Is Adult Amanda going replace the one we know?  


Most of the stories I want to tell relate to Amanda's college years, which are still NOW, the present day, and always will be. We likewise have a window back into her High School days in the unnervingly popular form of Young Amanda, who will star in some new Choose Your Own Adventures soon.  In fact, it was the level of interest in Young Amanda that made me want to explore Amanda's future as well as her past. It's kind of like those flash forwards they did in Lost, though without being infuriatingly confusing. I have a hunch that for everyone that likes Amanda as a school girl, there are some people who want to see her grown up, wearing some classy suits or dresses, and in even more perilous peril.

Oh yes - you didn't think that Adult Amanda was going to live a boring, safe life did you? It's not about what she thinks she wants, or has to pretend she is. She's still 100% the same girl, and adventure will find her even if she tries to avoid it. And, not to forget, Amanda's enemies are restless: her past has a habit of catching up with her...

So, let me know what you think.

- Do you welcome these occasional glimpses into Amanda's future? Or prefer not to know? Do you want to keep her forever at college?  Does this add something to her or take something away?

- Big question... what kind of job does Amanda do?  Is she working in a high-powered business career (as you might expect from a first class Harvard Graduate?)  Or is she an academic still around a college?  Or, did she enter law enforcement... in an official or unofficial capacity?  Did she use her acute powers of investigation to go into journalism?  Or what about something way out like she's an actress? (why do I feel this is like when I used to play Amanda in The Sims and max out career paths?!?)

- What do you think of her Amanda's adult appearance? How old do you think she looks? Hair, good or bad?

- How would you like to see her dress?  Those denim cut-offs and tied shirts are gone, left behind with those carefree student days. A bit more glamour is on the way. Amanda can afford decent clothes now.

- Do you think she is still friends with Ciara, Kat, Hannah... or have they drifted apart?

- What kind of adventures would you like to see her in?

You are welcome to say whatever you like as long as it's not rude! She's my character but also yours too. I know opinions will differ and not everyone will welcome change. Remember though, she's the same person 100%. And I think she's entitled to a future just like the rest of us.

Please use the comment box below to tell me your thoughts.

*Footnote 1. This look for Amanda was inspired by the final scene in Alien. If you're old enough to remember Ripley climbing into that space suit, dressed in her underwear, whispering "you are my lucky star" then you will know what I mean, and good on you.

*Footnote 2. This picture was made with Daz Studio 3, Adobe Photoshop CS2 and a time machine.
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ValMcJamesHobbyist Writer
Do I dare to admit I remember Ripley, in the theater? Maybe? *smiles* Love this image. I will have to ponder your questions to give more well-thought-out answers.
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Torqual3DHobbyist Digital Artist
You are my lucky star
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ValMcJamesHobbyist Writer
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BillyNikollHobbyist General Artist
Great work!Clap 
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I'de love to see her unconscious (ofcourse), laying on her stomach in that! Wearing Ripley's bikini panties :)
cjcs's avatar
well yeah, me too
Torqual3D's avatar
Torqual3DHobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry, not in that, but here's her unconscious...

Mature Content

Adult Amanda Jones - Mission Failed (1MPV) by Torqual3D
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Love the tank top and panties look, always a winner :) More please :)
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Such a sexy babe :)
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Orion-dreamcatcherHobbyist Writer
Well,... to answer your question my friend...
1. i would like to see both. College and future.
2. i wonder if she would work as some kind of private investigator or something... like Angel or Indiana Jones
3. depending on the picture, i would guess she's 29
4. to see her more with Kat would be nice. I think it's possible that your girls will stay in contact... maybe by Skype.
btw. any chance u would give out Amanda's Skype ID? ;)
5. whatcha think of a ghost story? Where Amanda, Kat and Ciara face some spooky things on an old castle in scotland or something?

I'm looking forward, what you will present us
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Torqual3DHobbyist Digital Artist
I can't give out Amanda's Skype ID, she would be distracted from her work.  Plus, this Amanda is in the future.  You would need to time travel to speak to her.  

I do have some ideas for a PI type story. She wouldn't stick at it though.  The work does get a bit questionable in its ethics.  Amanda is more interested in using her detective skills to do the right thing, not as a commercial activity.

I think a ghost story would be perfect!
Orion-dreamcatcher's avatar
Orion-dreamcatcherHobbyist Writer
Go ahead.
I'm looking forward to it.

Hm,... i think i gotta search my closet,... i'm sure there was a time machine somewhere ;)
Orion-dreamcatcher's avatar
Orion-dreamcatcherHobbyist Writer
very beautifulm Torqual.
How about same pic with a rear view next ;) ?
Torqual3D's avatar
Torqual3DHobbyist Digital Artist
That's a thought!
Orion-dreamcatcher's avatar
Orion-dreamcatcherHobbyist Writer
looking forward to it
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chaserofshadows1Hobbyist Writer
I like to think she's done a bit of everything. Maybe a pure female Indy who adventures when not in the classroom, maybe even done some modeling on the side.
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JakeBondageProfessional Writer
Oh... she is TOO inspiring... and she looks familiar, too...
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Torqual3DHobbyist Digital Artist
Who does she look like?
JakeBondage's avatar
JakeBondageProfessional Writer
a girl I know
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Amanda becomes quite a beautiful woman. I like her hair and the look in her eyes. She looks like she could be saying "I'll pause here for a moment, but I've got things to do." 

As far as career, I could see her working for the District Attorney's office in New York or Boston. Or she could possibly be an Associate White House Council, like Ainsley Hayes in The West Wing. In that position, she would be dressed for work in business suits, with a skirt, blouse, jacket, short high heels, and of course, pantyhose. When she was at home relaxing, she would wear more comfortable clothing, like jeans and a sweataer with sneakers or maybe even boots for cold weather.

I think she would remain close friends with Ciara. She probably stays in touch with Kat and Hannah, and enjoys catching up with them, but they likely pursued careers of their own in Europe and Ireland. They might even have families of their own by this time.
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Torqual3DHobbyist Digital Artist
That's an interesting idea that she might get involved in politics - her researching skills would be much in demand - but it's really not her own interest. However, the clothes you suggest are just perfect :-)
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Very good, Torqual. Amanda is as gorgeous as ever.

Maybe with her experiences with crime and baddies she becomes a crime fiction writer who just happens of course, a la Jessica Fletcher, to get bound up in real life mysteries and adventures.
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