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October 10, 2012
Parroty by =Torotix is a fun and cute alphabet, visualized with parrots.
Featured by pica-ae
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This is what I've been spending my week on. Debating whether or not to make it into a usable downloadable font.

Edit: Thanks for featuring my work as a DD!
If anyone knows how I can actually turn this into a working font, please let me know D: I have all the vectors and things, I'm just not sure how to go about converting them, thank you~
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What a creative way to make a font! This isn't something I'd normally expect to see in a Daily Deviation, so it easily caught my eye. I could read the text quickly, meaning it's not difficult to see what letters each bird represents. And since this phrase contains every letter of the alphabet, I can safely say every bird fits each letter very well. Well, almost. The only ones I had a little trouble distinguishing were your 'L' and your 'T' birds, mostly because the L bird's belly is round and curved and the T bird looks more like a 'V'. It's really nothing major though. If you wanted to refine it, I would make the T bird's wings more horizontal and put his head down lower. As for the L bird, I would try and decrease the size and roundness of the belly so it forms more of a vertical line. Other than those two relatively insignificant flaws, The way you chose to shape the birds was very interesting and efficient for the most part. I especially like your 'H' and 'J' bird, very adorable <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/> Colors are bright and fitting for each kind of parrot and the 'anatomy' (what gives away that they're parrots, basically) of each bird is transferred quite well into each letter. There is no mistaking it, these are parrots! Now that may seem like a stupid or obvious thing to say in a critique but some people might struggle in making each parrot letter look like... well, a parrot! Overall, this is very creative and I'd love to see it become an actual, usable font.
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At first I was like "How can you see the T as a V???" And then I took a look at the thumbnail XD indeed it looks like I could have chosen a different parrot to colour it.
And thank you for not mentioning the clearly out of place G! :D
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Oops! Well, this was a critique so I should have mentioned it, but I don't see a clearly out of place G :/
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I wat that font, I love parrots, AHAHA.
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Try this to make it a font:
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Woah, this is awesome ^^
congrats on the DD and stuff :D
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This is super adorable! :D Congrats on the DD
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Thank you very much, this means a lot to me :)
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Amazing piece of work!!
Thanks for sharing...
Featured in Amour de Typographie at [link]
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wow what an honour, thank you ^_^
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i like how you did that sentance, that has every letter, instead of doing the regualar 'a,b,c,d...' it makes it more visually attractive
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It's the standard for fonts, whenever you download a font, this is the sentence you'll be met with before you click the install button. Also it was part of the brief to present it like this :) Ahaha Thanks though
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Grats on DD, and I'd love to see it as a font, not sure how to go about doing so, though.
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This is so cute :heart:
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I had to google what you meant from your last comment, horrible music but I suppose whoever made it knows their font standards (y) lol
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Just kidding.
But what's so horrible. the alias itself or all.
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The kind of music just seems like something that would be more of my sisters' style of music, not mine XD
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So speedcore is a bit too much for you? XD
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I can't handle it, I'm too chill
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Ouch. did it hurt you're head all the fast beats? 0u0
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