August 16th devMEET: Toronto Centre Island

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Reminder: Our annual voyage to Toronto Centre Island is next Saturday! If you haven't already, please RSVP. See you then!

WHEN: August 16, 2014 @ 11am - We will take the 11:30am ferry to the island, but please show up at 11 because it will take 15 mins or so to line up for the ticket.

WHERE: Jack Layton Ferry Terminal, formerly the Toronto Island Ferry Terminal - Google Maps location here - We will be meeting at roughly this location.

:emailsend: RSVP here! :emailsend:

There are only 20 weeks left till winter, so don't let that short Canadian summer slip away and join us on our annual Center Island trip. We will gawk at cutesy animals at Far Enough Farm, climb the Glibraltar Point Lighthouse, maybe have a ride at Centreville Amusement Park, wet our feet and sunbathe on the beach, run around hedge maze and have a great game of not-so-ultimate frisbee. Feel free to bring your cameras, sketchbooks, and whatever art and sporting equipment.

Lunch: Bring one or buy one on the Island (or on the main land before we leave).
Dinner: To be decided by popular vote. We will return to downtown Toronto for dinner.

FERRY PRICES (round-trip): (Official link here)
:bulletblue: Adults (19+) - $7
:bulletblue: Students (15-18 inclusive, with a student card) - $4.50
:bulletblue: Senior (65+) - $4.50
:bulletblue: Junior (under 14) - $3.50
:bulletblue: Infants (under 2) - free

We hope to see you there! :wave:
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rebelx's avatar
Most likely will be out of town.  Sorry :/
Midnitez-REMIX's avatar
Ah well, maybe next time. :)
Asuna1108's avatar
So excited! I hope the weather is good :p
Midnitez-REMIX's avatar
It's been warm and sunny all the times we've been so far. :)
Asuna1108's avatar
That's great, let's hope it stays that way :D
eddywardster's avatar
I'm afraid I'm working that day. Really wanted to go cause its like 30mins from where i am. Oh well. Really sorry.
Midnitez-REMIX's avatar
Are you working the whole day?
eddywardster's avatar
Midnitez-REMIX's avatar
Well maybe next time. :)
eddywardster's avatar
I can't wait then. :)
ShinobiXikyu's avatar
Fraid I have to pass after all. My boyfriend has a gig and I got an odd job to do for the weekend (and I need money...) that's all day Saturday and Sunday.
Midnitez-REMIX's avatar
Sorry to hear that. :(
aRLegOdDesS's avatar
I'm working that day //cries
Midnitez-REMIX's avatar
The whole day or part of it?
aRLegOdDesS's avatar
Whole day. I work retail so I have no life //cries
Midnitez-REMIX's avatar
That's too bad. I was gonna say if you got off sometime in the mid day you could come meet with us. But I guess not. :(
Faeleena's avatar
Darn it! I'm out of town that weekend!
Midnitez-REMIX's avatar
PixlPhantasy's avatar
Reposted in Artists-Of-Ontario
Doubt I will make it.  My vacation just ended and there are 2 girls gone on vacay that week..short staffed >.<
Midnitez-REMIX's avatar
justMANGO's avatar
Bleh, work. :( Thanks for the repost though! :)
neo-the-foxycoon's avatar
I unfortunately have a wedding this day, or i would make a grand appearance 
Midnitez-REMIX's avatar
A grand appearance could be good too. ^^
justMANGO's avatar
:( That's too bad, but please do have a great time at the wedding instead! :D
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