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Crystal cave

Light leaks out from the crystal..........
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Amazing! The colors flow very nicely and are so smooth it looks real! Great work!
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Amazing lighting and atmosphere here. Nicely done.
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Great i love this piece!
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light scattering!!!  yea!!! :)
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I would like to find a place like that!! It would be a pure joy!
My personal favorite! The set up of this piece made nearly faint of awesomeness! Also, we are currently setting up a Minecraft server and we will certainly use this piece for inspiration! I have made a blog post on our forums featuring all our favorite pieces of artwork, of course we will give proper credit to you as artist and put down a direct link to this deviant!
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this is amazing!
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OH my's so beautiful....
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What beautiful colors! :heart:
Zenoxen's avatar beautifull...I wish this was a walpaper sized image....I'd love to see this everyday!
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I love the crystal of light. Brilliant!
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This is just stunningly beautiful.
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There is real place similar to this deep underground the Chihuahua Desert. So beautiful!
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Wow this is amazing. Truly breath taking and beyond words.
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beautiful I love the use of the colors.
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This is one of the most stunning drawings I've ever seen! +insta-fav!
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Whoa! so cool!! Ilove the color and how the blue makes it seem magical. Its like a dream :D
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