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Super Street Fighter Bros

Two most influencial games of the 80's and 90's combined!!!

It becomes rather silly... Doesn't it?

i still had lots of fun doing it.

I tried to make it look like vibrant kids cartoony style... But, I think serious painterly style would have been fun too...
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Princess Chun-li!
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How does it feel when your fanart becomes real?
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what do you mean?
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I mean that Ryu is now a playable character in Super Smash Bros. 
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ah.... got it!
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Simply too cool.  Nice job giving designing Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li in the outfits of the Mario Bros. and Peach.  Also, I find the proportion of Chun-Li's legs to the rest of her body to be hilarious.  Awesome job!
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After all these years, as a SF2 & Mario fan, i still have to say... i love this piece! Particularly the chun-princess in the back, with her very chun thighs. However, i do take issue with the fact that Ryu & Ken are like these mega-hearthrobs (straight out a shoujo manga) handsome in the face; yet chun-li gets the default chibi-cat face. Whats up with that ?, LOL ! :XD:

Regardless, i still find an attraction to this chunli-peach being with ubber large shapely/muscular thighs. What does that say about me ? :lol: LOL
Again, great work. 
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So could be possible this might happen now...Though we'll have to see where the IP goes from whoever buys it. Awesome pic again.
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Super smash fighter bro's
that just awesome, i want to play it.
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So if you had ever done another piece liek this....would Bison be dressed as Bowser possibly,  maybe Cammy dressed as daisy?
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Nice flower, Ryu!
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I know it's been a while since you make this piece but could you please make a wallpaper version ? That would be awesome !

Thank you ;)
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Haha, Awesome!
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This should be a real game (at least a flash one) LOL I like ryu and ken with mario outfit the only thing that kind of bother me is Chun-Li leg. We all know she's miss thunder thighs but this is going overboard not to mention that it contrast with the cute chibi like face you gave her XD
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Crossovers are fun. Even if I don't know half of the crossover. XD
So...can you play as M. Bowser?:D
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Alright, this is awesome. XD
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I would play this game
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OMG, that is so awesome O_O
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