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Simpsons Z

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Okay... I am weird.

But, admit it. You want to see it done too!


Well, if EA (since they have the Simpsons game license now...) and Atari/Bandai got together to make a video game based on the most popular franchise they have rights to... It might turn out like this?


Maybe not...

I had to cheat little bit and use "Teenager Bart" for the "Baku" character ^_^
(my other Simpsons fanart... [link])

Many apologies to Mr. Groening and Mr. Toriyama...
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who would be bulma
Freezer Burns (heh heh, that's got to be deliberate, though it's not in the description) - I will not block out the sun this time, I will BLOW IT UP! And no baby is going to foil my plans this time.
Boo Wiggums - Funny thing, you're never going to believe it, but I have the biggest craving for candy right now.
Sideshow Vegeta - do you have any idea how many rakes were hidden in the field I had to walk through? Do you have ANY idea how many rakes there were, that I just stepped on? Well I'll tell you how many there were. There were over nine...... ty. Over ninety of them! That's still a lot. You try stepping on over 90 rakes and with the handles hitting you in the face and tell me that's a picnic.
SSJ3 Bart - Let me show you something amazing. I will show you level one: don't have a cow man. Level two: eat my shorts. Level three: aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH........ (4 minutes later) ......HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYE CARUMBA!!!!
Homersatan - Oh yeah, well you think you're all so great, but I'm more amazing than all you put together. Watch this, as I eat this giant donut in 3 seconds! Yeargh yeargh yeargh yeargh (his eating/chewing sound). YEEAAHHHHH!!!!
Boo Wiggums - Can I have some?

You are weird. I am weird too.
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Great mash-up! I love the Frieza Burns.
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Sideshow Vegeta.

Bart Kakkarot.

Frieza Burns.

this could go on forever.
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The time has come! \(^o^)/ :P
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Very cool choices¡:D (Big Grin)
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i think this image is realy superb!

i'm sure mr. groening and mr toriyama are the forgiving type.
text them if you wished, ask them for an honest opinion, so long as both men don't go crazy, cos you've messed with their characters.
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Really, don't think about this too loud or Fox executives will hear you thought and make this a reality on a fiendlishly regratable Treehouse special...
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This is so perfect!!!!
Dragon ball simp
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Side-Show-Bob as Vegeta is GENIUS! well played!
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Most apt person for FREEZA ^_^
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If DBZ were like this, I might watch it.
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