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Samus in Morphball

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Published: May 8, 2007
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Quick drawing, Quck color slapping done for "GamerZorZ"

Unlike my other Samus pics, this is not an actual depiction of how things would work... More of an abstract piece... If that makes sense...

Yes, I know when she becomes a "ball", it's more of an energy force... But, I never liked that premise... Sort of like "alien technology" cop out... Oh wait... Samus' suit is an alien made suit...

Oh well... you know what I mean.

She looks so peaceful though...

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ThadiusTheThirdHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice love the representation!
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goodbrony Artist
I wonder why she doesn't vomit from spinning so much?
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eel227Hobbyist Digital Artist
Let me shed some light, As you can see Samus is in a deep 'trance' or 'meditation' allowing her to use a Third eye in a sense letting her see outside her own body! thus able to use the morphball without motion sickness!
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She looks so cute when she sleeps!
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SAA-XStudent General Artist
She looks so.. peaceful.

She goes to her happy place every time she morphs, every time she lays a bomb or two and kills you. Every time she lays a power bomb and obliterates everything in the area...

I love this.
imperialdramonDRMode's avatar
along with that crystal flash.
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SAA-XStudent General Artist
Speaking of Crystal Flash:…

If you like Metroid music, then hopefully you'll love this. IMO, Theophany is a great remixer.
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Darkton93Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've always wondered how she did it. This makes things a lot clearer. Now to figure out how the ball itself forms...
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AsuraZedHobbyist Traditional Artist
If we go with the canon of Other M; the Varia and other suits are generated via nanites or something similar via the Zero Suit, based on Samus's concentration.  I assume the Morph Ball appirates in much the same way.
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This is Samus going to her happy place after finding out about Other M.
Silverzeldapeachy56's avatar
It's really difficult to understand such logic as this so just don't think about it.

On that note, I love how calm she seems to be
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I can never understand how Samus can go from a bulky power suit to a ball without it crushing her.
That's always intrigued me about her.
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nndragon4Student Writer
the suit allows her to become energy when she goes into morph ball mode. that's why she doesn't get crushed like the space pirates did when they tried to make her armor for themselves. they crushed themselves to death
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Wow, this is really good. A beautiful work of art.
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ArtTraveller77Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very nice.
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BlazingoceanHobbyist General Artist
This is positively perfect.
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MrOttersonHobbyist Digital Artist
I am glad you drew it like this. It is realistic and she is not squished.
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DekuGoldHobbyist Traditional Artist
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VoadorChamaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this. :) Wonderful, peaceful concept.
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CRT1000's avatar
Hmmmm I always wonder how she fits into a ball.
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Encountered this over at, hmm, that's very nice. Wonder if its on deviantart, *click*, oh, sure is!
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torokunProfessional General Artist
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26qq308Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Samus has gained the ability to somersault! :D
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