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Samus in Light Suit

She doesn't date badly designed guys.

Seriously though...

I think Halo is a fine and dandy game... but, a bit over rated...

Don't hate Halo luv3rs!

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I don't think I've seen the light suit before.
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Lool sorry masterchief
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They would just get in the way, even though they already are.
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I love her face on this one, she looks badass and gorgeous, all at the same time.
The next 20 seconds:

"No! I've found a real man..... Duke Nukum."

Duke pops up.

"It's time to chew gum and kiss my girlfriend and I'm all outta bub..." *snap* wakes up.

40 year old man, drenched in sweat, gasping for breath, is waking up in a bed. Looks down at himself, sees much to his chagrin that he is NOT Duke Nukum. And no Samus is present either.

"Oh. That dream again. It's time to chew gum and ..... sniff ..... cry myself back to sleep ah hah hahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"


I don't know where that came from.
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She is MY girlfriend. 
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Seriously though, I love both Halo and Metroid equally. Seriously, you drew Mister Chief in this pic, meaning you know a bit more about Halo, than the average person who thinks the game is over rated.

Samus is the best female alien butt kicker, and she looks cool in this pic, so good work torokun. :)
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This is completely wrong! Tears can't go through a pressurized visor!
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Ha, this is too funny!
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Yeah...Well, John's a bit more well-structured in the expanded media, but Samus wouldn't even bother with that. Unless it would be to vaporize him because he refuses to stop bothering her.

But he's too smart for that, so no worries!
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Anyways, I'd much rather see a fight between Master Chief and Samus than them being a couple.  I think it'd be interesting...

So much win in just one pic as well ^^
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A fine battle suit I must say, does this appear in any of the games?
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This is the final suit that you get in Metroid Prime 2: (Dark [if you are in Japan]) Echoes.
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Hahahaha XD bye bye Master Chief!!!!!!!!

This is awesomely (is that a word?!) Drawn! I also like how you colored this picture!
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Mister Chief! I remember that guy.

You know, lately I've been envisioning that her arm cannon does have articulated fingers/thumb, but they emerge from the end of the barrel in a similar fashion to how the muzzle splits open to fire missiles.
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Chief would never do that... That must have been 1337, posing as MC.

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both of them are sexually stunted arent they? Samus has had no need for those kinds of relationships and MC along with the other spartans were given suppressors for such emotions
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I always like seeing Samus fan art with her face but she still in her armor! ^_^

also this is pretty funny I adore her little date line :D oh and that armor fantastic work it looks absolutely incredible!!! :wow:
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