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Samus Aran Open Hatch

All those Ironman pictures below to say...

That this whole thing started because I had this image in my mind.

Samus emerging from her powered suit!!!

This latest image is rather crude... for I was using very loose pencil and brush strokes...

Anyways, so, I was imagining how the suit would work. And then, the whole Ironman thingy-ma-bob came up. So, I designed Ironman's suit in a similar fashion. But, I must say, I am more pleased with Samus' suit much much more.

Like I said before, I didnt' want a body suit. So, i had to design exo-skeleton powered suit. But, in order to retain her crazy proportion (check out her latissimus dorsi on all her official art as well as 3d models), I had to make the suit much bigger than how it is depicted in the game.

Also, for this particular image, I tried to keep the desgin of Samus to be more closer to the one from Metroid Zero Mission. But, the design of the suit is still the one I did (very first image from my deviant gallery).

Anyways... Enjoy~!
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hahahah a classic from pinterest!!!
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Holy *beeeeep* The detail is amazing! 
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 looks awesome and has great detail
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I know this is Samus, but it oddly reminds me of Winry from FMA
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So awesome, I've never before imagined how the Power Suit's mechanics would look like. Though I wonder would it be too dangerous for Samus to have bare skin against the metallic surface? Unless it has a built-in shielding or coolant system. That's just my nitpick, the image is dynamic and fun.
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umm samus power suit is the same size as her body
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Is it that hard to read artist's comment before posting?
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Please for the love of god, redo this today it was done 8 years ago i bet your artistic skills are super sayan today. i would love to see this as a cg like digital like work. The emotion in this art is awesome.
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THIS is how the Power Suit should work, goddammit, I hate the post-Zero Suit timeline =_= it doesn't make sense that Samus' suit magically disappears when she's under mental stress, I mean, isn't that when she would need the suit protecting her MOST?

Ah well, excellent work, I had faved this long ago, and I don't remember if I commented, but I just saw it back in my favorites and felt like praising your good work (and complaining a bit about plot holes xD )
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Actually, the suit requires a lot of concentration for her to keep it on and when she loses that concentration it materializes.
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You know it doesn't make sense that a suit that's designed to PROTECT you from harm dematerializes when you're knocked out unconscious. Before the Other M bullshit, the suit would only disappear when it depleted ALL its energy tanks, NOT with trivial crap like Adam's flimsy electric gun nor seeing monsters that trigger bad memories, you should play the old games before jumping into poetic conclusions.

Here are my personal recommendations: in Prime 3, near the beginning, Samus is K.O.'ed by a Phazon blast and awakened with a modified suit by the Federation. Another: in Fusion, Samus is knocked down unconscious by the X Parasite when it infects her, the scientists that found her were able to remove (part of) her Power Suit ONLY through surgery, it didn't MAGICALLY disappear -_-
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Well yeah, I was thinking about that too. But I didn't make that up myself, it was in an article. I'd provide a link but it won't work for some reason.
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I know you didn't make it up, it has Nintendo's stench all over from the modern storyline cooked up by Sakamoto, where Samus and (apparently) the Power Suit work SOLELY on emotion, ugh, it's such a crap they have come up with, making a respectable badass bounty hunter into a frickin' estrogen-filled skin-tight suit with large breasts and ass -_-
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Exactly. The one female(one of the main, anyway) they have, who does not only fend for herself, but is able to become one of most recognized badasses in videogames and they just kinda let it go away. I have no problem with Samus having emotions(as she is human) and looking feminine( and female), but not to where the focus is giant boobs and drama.
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I agree with both of you whole-heatedly.

As a male kid, I used to relate to Samus, a female. I'm not sure if that's really possible for Other M, they ruined her character that was established in all the pre-existing games.
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really great work :) that's how i would imagine the suit opening up
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