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For those who have been following the issue...

I didn't really "draw" this one...

Just changed the face and logos and stuff like that to fit the context of the issue.

This is purely a satire piece. So, don't sue me. Okay?

Last time I checked the freedom of expression is still protected in America...

"Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a property of Capcom"

Also, check out this pic...

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I want this guy in the games.
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I think I saw this like... years ago in the gameshark forum... :O They were making fun of this guy then someone randomly added this image for the lulz xD
Zmaj-dragon's avatar
Is that the guy who's against most of games where you go around and shoot?
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There is a game exactly like this except it's Phoenix Wright
torokun's avatar
This is a joke... right?
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its so weird, i have a friend named jack thomason (one letter away) and his dad is a defense attourney
Nabilea's avatar
Coincidence much? XD
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Hilarious! That man is such a moron... really.
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I'd love to kick the shit out of that guy.
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LOL!!! That was pretty funny and kinda clever.
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If that was true...the object of the game should be to actually lose XD
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Everyone, let's kick Jack Thompson now!
TheJavaShaman's avatar
Oh wow, I remember this guy.. what an ass.
chef-cheiro's avatar
uh.. who is jack thompson anyway
yamiblade's avatar
He is the Asmodeus to hilliary clinton's Satan
mrpajamasharkman's avatar
I thought Hilary Clinton was Satan...
yamiblade's avatar
That's what I said...
mrpajamasharkman's avatar
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You have no idea how mush this comment made me laugh
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You don't want to know.

This picture is Jack Thomson though...
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