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So it seems I am back now to my art phase.  The current colder weather and stressful days are good motivation to keep going with my art and rehone my skills because I was worried I was starting to stray off too far.  It's nice to be back to my arsenal of colored pencils and pens and be back on DA with full force!

Not only do I post here but I also have my instagram account (@sharbarart) where I post all my artworks and whatever else is art related.  I have a little blogger website at SharBar Art as well but I don't post as much there anymore.  Once I decide on getting a domain again, I probably will make the site more legit and more dedicated to my art stuff.  For now, I post on DA and Instagram and if you want to know more about me I have my own personal blog at Wickedful.

Also, a note, if you are interested in any of my stuff and would like to purchase anything from me, you are welcome to e-mail me at

Happy drawing and keep the craft alive!
I have finally decided to submit something after maybe a year or two of not submitting anything other than a resource.  It is something I made for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift in dedication to his car, "Saleena" because he loves her so much and cherishes the car so much.  It's not a drawing but it was something I worked on for quite some time.

I have a couple of drawings that I have started on though.  They are more updated drawings because I was looking through a few drawings I have on here that I realized look like crap.  I realized that I could draw something so much better and wanted to take the same concepts and just make them look a WHOLE LOT BETTER.  So I have a couple of drawings lined up I just don't know when I'll be able to finish them.  I've been really busy with school.  I do have a bunch of finished drawings that I just haven't had the time to scan so maybe I'll start with those and submit them.

Hopefully I will have more of a better selection soon!