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August 25, 2016
Many deviants suggested this artwork: Eternity Tonight by adoreluna plays beautifully with light and dark.
Featured by ErikShoemaker
Suggested by Black-B-o-x
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Eternity Tonight


I GOT A DD OMGGG :la: :la: :la: I'm so happy :heart:
thank you everyone!!


Even  the brightest star would be lost in a sea of white, if the darkness won’t be there to guide.

And even the  darkest night  explodes in to light, sometimes

They hold each other’s worlds, they hold so tight

One night, two nights, all nights

Eternity tonight

(hope you see the artwork in green tones. if not, it's probably because of your device.hope it looks good anyway:) )



Celler Stock 10
Tharinuel - Stock

Mountain Beach
Stock: Valley of Fire
Lake 56 - sparkling lake
Bright Sky 6 - More clouds
Stock: Desert Mountain Pass
On the Rocks
STOCK - Starry Milky Way 1
Rocks II
PNGS - Crescent Moon
Birds Two :: PNG Stock

Cloud Brushes
Clouds - Mist Photoshop and GIMP Brushes
Nebula and Stars Brushes
Waterfalls II

everything else is my own or painted


Copyright Statement 3 by Sophibelle
adoreluna - Gabriela Sh @ Copyright 2016…

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This is glorious! I know the light and dark is obvious, but it really is that awesome! She's bringing all the light and goodness of her life to his and brightening his world.
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thank you so much for you kind words! :heart: loved the idea behind this artwork and I have more like it coming :)
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Oooo I can't wait to see them! I could totally see them being in, on the cover of, or about a fantasy novel.
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Congratulations of you much deserved DD Gabi, this is just beautiful!

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You are very welcome Gabi! :hug:
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Gabi, I saw it right now! I am so happy for you, congratulations! This is an awesome artwork! :heart: :blowkiss: :hug:
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thank you dearrrr :huggle: :love: I've been doing sooooo much art recently, it feels really good to have inspiration and free time again! :)
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I believe you! I´ll be watching your artwork soon, I started with DD´s and now I´ll start with Deviations. I have nearly 2000 to look at
I hope, there is an inspiration for me as well! Wish you lots of success! :love:
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Yayyy, a DD!:wow::happybounce:. I am so truly happy for you dear deserving. :clap: This scene seems to be telling of a beautiful love story, of promises made under the twilight moon!! Ah, it feels so romantic!:D

Congrats on the DD my dearest starry friend, hope you will follow with more after this one!:heart:
tornadoeyesART's avatar
thank you dear :heart: :hug: but let's make it a sad lovestory he left her for her sister, the sun mwhahahaha :rofl:
SummerDreams-Art's avatar
You are welcome dear! A sad ending would be great...because I love them!:)
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collab collab where is collab?
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Bravo Gabi on your first DD! A well-deserved! At first I thought you have painted it took me minute to realise that it was actually a manip. Everything fits so beautifully:heart:
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aww thank you sooo much :love: I'm still shocked :la: :clap:
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