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The Artisan Crafts Gallery, edition 3
Here are a selection of some wonderful and unique deviations submitted to the Artisan Crafts Gallery over the past week. The whole gallery is filled with absolute gems and these are but a small selection!
Want to get yourself featured here? That's easy! Just keep submitting great crafts!
Or send me a suggestion by note, please add 'Article Suggestion' in the topic and remember has to be a new deviation, from the current week.
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Sculpture and Glass

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The Artisan Crafts Gallery, edition 2
Here are a selection of some wonderful and unique deviations submitted to the Artisan Crafts Gallery over the past week. The whole gallery is filled with absolute gems and these are but a small selection!
Want to get yourself featured here? That's easy! Just keep submitting great crafts!
Or send me a suggestion by note, please add 'Article Suggestion' in the topic and remember has to be a new deviation, from the current week.
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Culinary Arts

Sculpture and Glass

Lilly by splitmindplush PhotoShoot with Tempest by Trinitynavar :thumb69976324: Aiko Kanzashi Set by Kurokami-Kanzashi Moms Garden by petitplume
Architectural Design
Helix-ish arch. thing by sweetcapris
:iconmyana:Myana 69 52
Suggested DA Forum Rules of Engagement
:firelite-photo: Have the DA Forums Gone Up in Flames?
Why is it that people will write things on a DA Forum that they would never even consider saying to someone else face to face? Does the relative anonymity of the net loosen up our social inhibitions? Or is it the fact that they know they aren't likely to get a punch on the nose for being so rude? Or do we all suddenly think we become experts once we sit down and start to type? (Hmmm... don't think I'll answer that last question!)
On most of the DA Forums that I visit, it is often possible to tell the content and quality of the post before even reading it, just by looking at the name of the poster. Some posters are always on topic and informative, some have their good and bad days, and others post mostly rubbish. Anybody who's spent a few months on some of the DA Forums knows what and who I am talking about. (I'll leave it up to the readers of the DA Forum to classify these posters as good, bad or indifferent as they see fit!
:icondacomplaintsforum:DAComplaintsforum 26 34
SCG-R by kometani SCG-R :iconkometani:kometani 1,913 67
Gallery v2 Launches at deviantART
We've got some exciting news regarding your Galleries today, check out the short video below for a demo of the new features and some hilarity.

Gallery v2 In review:

 Featured Gallery, Everything Gallery, and Category Drop-Down

By default your Gallery will now default to the "Featured Gallery".  This is where you can present the art works that best define your Gallery.  The "Everything Gallery" shows off every deviation you have ever submitted.  And the NEW  Category Drop-down Menu displays only categories and sub-categories of deviantART that are relevant to your work!

 Gallery Folders

Organize your art and your gallery based on your o
:iconspyed:spyed 1,893 2,314
Subterranean River by Eliminate Subterranean River :iconeliminate:Eliminate 41 24 eyewear by Silver925 eyewear :iconsilver925:Silver925 30 6 Japanesque Sea Monster by ou8nrtist2 Japanesque Sea Monster :iconou8nrtist2:ou8nrtist2 57 51
Winnegan's Picks: Vol 2. Mad SCIENCE!!!!
Where would we be without our Mad inventors, or witty airship designers, our dark Frankensteins? Bored on the couch, that's where. Time to show off a little bit of what DeviantArt has to offer for us fans of the strange, the arcane, the mad.... SCIENCE!

. successful science . by srtapolyester Book of a Doc by Mimiguel
Mad science Professor Thorn by ProfessorThorn The Modern Prometheus by novenarik Plaster II- Mad Scientist by TormentedArtifacts SCIENCE by satan666v
Scientist by MrDream :thumb51420123: the scientist strikes back by m-U-n-s-t-e-r _modulate by karincoma
Miss West, Reanimator by marc17 Birth of Cthulhu by tegehel :thumb56597384: Moreau by WearyOne
a minute to the future by Avirambo :thumb37786004: Dr. Von Faust at work by dr-thor-von-faust :thumb49501522:
Ok, that's all for now. Time for me to run off before the formula boils over!
Tune in sometime in the future for the next volume of Winnegan's Picks!
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Genesis 1 by arca-jeths Genesis 1 :iconarca-jeths:arca-jeths 20 17


The Explorer's Fieldbook
More useful than any other tool in their arsenal was the Field Book. A hundred pages of high-grade blank paper bound in sturdy oiltan leather, with secure straps to keep the volume closed and a pair of d-rings to attach it anywhere that might be useful on one's kit. These books, and the information, sketches, and notes that came to be stored in them, often became more valuable than any amount of salt, iron, or blessings for our operatives out in the field.

Yes, folks, the new Fieldbooks are now ready for ordering. Go grab yours here:

The slipcover will fit most 8.5x5.5 inch blank books (we use a Canson blank artbook refill, for the most versatility whether you're writing or drawing) and one is included with your order. At the same time, the back straps of the cover work well to hold pens, pencils, or whatever else you may need to tuck in there, and our armor-grade oiltan ensures your book can weather through most hazards. Available in brown or black hide, with brass or nickel hardware.
Time for the yearly reminder:

At Tormented Artifacts, you're not going to see a slew of 'HOLIDAY SALE' posts from us. Or mentions of C******as, or other holidays. We'll talk about Giftmas and Hexmas, but not the other ones. You won't see randomly fluctuating prices, because we try to keep them as affordable as possible year round. You won't see tons and tons of pressure from us to BUY BUY BUY, though you will see mention of our shipping deadlines (December 8th for international orders, December 15th for domestic US). Because, really, you've got enough on your plate this time of year- you don't need us to add to the panic. Just know that if you need some awesome gear, or masks for someone, or other bits to stuff in their stockings, we'll be here.

Our affiliates, Redbubble and ArtofWhere, will likely run sales, and we'll keep you apprised of those so you know when to grab things, but if you're holding off to buy from the main site for a Black Friday sale or whatever, don't, because it won't be happening. Just order from when you're ready to, and we'll get things out like we do every year.
Wayfarer Backpack

Coming soon to the website (and availabe for private order in the meantime) is the new Wayfarer Backpack. Designed to be a cute, sleek little bag, it also boasts 166 inches of cubic space inside (enough for two books, a tablet, a phone, a vape, a big keyring, a wallet, sunglasses, and still a room to spare) and is made from the same incredibly durable grade of oiltan hide we use for armor.

Want one for yourself? They're available for $200, plus shipping. PM for now to get your order set up. Brass or nickel hardware available on request.

Scarlet's Gorget
“In those days, when the vampires first returned, the fashion was all in favor of elegant armor for the ladies (and lords) of the court. And, of course, like all fashion, the more danger and daring shown in just how much was exposed was always a telling point. Until the day Scarlet walked into the Hall, bold as the brass she wore, with just the most delectable points on carotid and jugular protected…”

Scarlet’s Gorget- now available at:…
Muninn's Mala

O'er Mithgarth Hugin | and Munin both
Each day set forth to fly;
For Hugin I fear | lest he come not home,
But for Munin my care is more.

-GRIMNISMOL, The Poetic Eddas

This mala is designed as a meditation on memory and the strength of the mind. Strung with 64 14mm lava beads on heavy red cording, and measuring a full 33 inches in length, it also features a brass-plated corvid skull, in honor of Muninn, Odin's raven of Memory. A blend of Norse pantheon mysticism and Buddhist (or modern) meditation practice.

Available now at:…



Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
United States
Not much is known about Dmitri Arbacauskas, before he came riding in out of the east with only a paintbrush, a leather punch, and a host of mad ideas snaking their way through his head. It's said that he's one of the few people to have attended Cornish College of the arts, and possibly Miskatonic University as well. It's also said that he's been known to howl at the moon, and to hold strange rituals on its dark, demanding sacrifices of rum, tobacco, and entire bottles of paint.

But then, people tend to say a lot of things.

Who am I? An artist. A bit of a geek. A bit crazy, sure, but then, that's all of us these days. I'd rather let my work speak for itself, rather than you try to deduce how my own personal history affects it (generally, it doesn't), but should you feel the need to find out more about me, you can always try my personal Twitter or Tumblr accounts.

Current Residence: Seattle, deviantWEAR sizing preference: Men's Large, Personal Quote: This is mine. There are many others like it, but this one is mine.
All right, so, several things here. 

First off, we're MOVING. Not far or anything, just a touch north of Seattle. Not even a full half-hour's drive. But as with any move, that means we're now hitting a period where running your own art business at the same time can get a bit screwed up, as new orders from are going to be a touch delayed while inventory's stuck in multiple places in boxes. 

At the same time, THE DREADED BIRFDAY SEASON IS UPON US. Ten days until I turn 38. What an odd freaking age to turn. If you feel you absolutely MUST get me something as your imperious leader, you can do so here: (Sadly, Amazon still lacks options for delivering me the blood and skulls of my defeated enemies, or a portal to the depths of R'yleh. Shame that.)
  • Drinking: Coffe. Hot. From a ceramic apparatus.

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