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Super Mario 64

It sure is-a him!

Happy Mario 3D All-Stars release day! This was conceived as a more direct celebratory picture with three different looking Marios, but wound up becoming something focused on everyone's favorite Mario 64. Mario's split mustache! Bowser's chunky face! The blue Thwomp cube! It was fun to draw all their unique designs as seen in-game. I had some troubles with the coloring at first, but found my way into using a nice warm and retro-y feeling palette that I think compliments the subject material a lot better than highly saturated colors.

Process video:

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It looks like Mario 64 but smooth? this is confusing but mostly I love it!

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Do Sunshine And Galaxy Next!

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Lovely work mate. A wonderful tribute to a wonderful game.

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Amazing draw dude! The Style and concept is very nice :O

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I love this style!

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That is the most amazing art I've seen for this game.

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bro thats sick

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This is true fanart
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It's so cool that torkirby is on Deviantart.

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I LOVE it!!!❤️

Dude... This is awesome!

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was the first 3d mario game eversuper smash bros emote

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this is incredible, i actually really love this.

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You captured the characters beautifully!

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aww this is so cute! i love the style!! :)

At least something happy for my bad day

Thank you really mutch

ti esu nac IAC I

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