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Kirby: Planet Robobot

By Torkirby
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Originally posted on September 17th, 2016

Gear up and move out!!
After months of hard work and planning, my celebratory Kirby: Planet Robobot picture is finally complete! I know a lot of people will be happy to see another ‘new Kirby game’ illustration from me.
The picture itself is probably one of the most rendered illustrations I’ve done in quite a while. Really wanted to bring out a vibrant, “glossy space” feel. Along with new techniques I’ve learned over time, I was delving into new territory with the Robobot Armor–mechs are something I don’t have much experience with
Since the stickers in game used official art throughout Kirby’s history, I thought it’d be neat to use some of my old art as the stickers in my piece! Can you identify them all?
This was such a fun piece to work on, throughout the entire 14+ hours put into it! Thanks for you patience and support~
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AspenAttackHobbyist General Artist
I love seeing them all together! :la:
I feel like I made this exact team in Star Allies at some point XD
Very cute artwork!!
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LolagyreHobbyist General Artist
I bought a photographic print of this work, and now, it's proudly hanging just above my laptop.  I love the colors and the glossy textures! :love:
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I'd like to see this every day too! My favorite part of the art is Meta Knight. He is probably looking for WiFi:D

Beau-Skunk's avatar
Nice, and cute. I love how many characters, and items from the game you used here. Using your own fanart is a nice personal touch too. I like How Meta Knight has the Gameboy remote.
Kizune-Chao's avatar
Kizune-ChaoHobbyist General Artist
Eye spy with my little eye, an adorable Swoobird sticker~Meow :3 
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Mr-MeloettaHobbyist Traditional Artist
The original Titanfall.
Kizune-Chao's avatar
Kizune-ChaoHobbyist General Artist
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Rotommowtom Digital Artist
this pic is awesome!

looks like alot of hard work has been put into it. i like how detailed your artwork is! keep it up!

i also like how bandana dee is sticking stickers on the robobot. :3
SwordBladeKnight7's avatar
SwordBladeKnight7 Traditional Artist
I love how Meta Knight won’t even take his hand out of his cloak to press the button(: Overall awesome drawing!
Verkins's avatar
Verkins Digital Artist
Fantastic work!
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist
Let's build!
NetherNightFall's avatar
NetherNightFallStudent Digital Artist
I beat the game today..
My score was 383..
Meow :3 Meow :3 Meow :3 
SlimeBoy-J's avatar
:D This is absolutely amazing! Clap 
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aniwablueStudent General Artist
That's simply soooooo adorable! I should really go and buy the games! I love so much Kirby Triple Deluxe! Amazing and so much like the spirit of first games Kirby! :D Lovely details too! I love to see Waddle Dee putting stickers on the robot of Kirby!
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RebornHumanoidHobbyist General Artist
I love the sticker/decals on the robot. Really nice attention to detail!
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thechaosblueHobbyist Traditional Artist
Aw this cute. This needs more love.
CynicoleA22's avatar
Also can you make a picture of ESP Kirby :3
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amaitsunoHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh this is sooo good!
I really love your coloring style ^u^ d
Dyewind's avatar
DyewindProfessional General Artist
I love how Metaknight is doing his cape thing in the corner there XD.

It's funny how the character acts 'stealthy'.
DaExcruciatingPastel's avatar
DaExcruciatingPastelStudent Digital Artist
I like how the stickers on the Robobot is actually your previous work.
TUVGM's avatar
Love this and the game! Who agrees their should be a sequel?!
KawaiiWonder's avatar
KawaiiWonderHobbyist Filmographer
Oh, I love this! :D I even have its game! :D
Stacona's avatar
StaconaHobbyist Digital Artist
Very pretty, the 3DS Kirby games are my favourite, I also really like the city sandbox area of Kirby Air Ride for the Gamecube
darkwee009's avatar
I love that one sticker on the Armor's left arm.
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