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Another year, another annual blog post where I sit back and review how it went. Something tells me I won't have as much to say this time as compared to other years, but let's take a look!

Well, let's start with the obvious. I stagnated this year. I stagnated hard. I look back at 2018 and most of it seems like a blur to me. I feel like I had way more bouts of unmotivation and tiredness than ever before this past year, which stopped me from doing as much as I could. I'm proud of the art I have done, but I look at how little of it I've done and feel bad for myself. I'm not proud of that. It's fair to say that I've had a lot of doubts about myself continuing, even. I hate feeling tired every time I think about doing something, and I want that changed. It needs to change before I lose faith in myself entirely.

...Gosh I hope that doesn't sound too grim. I won't be losing my passion, don't worry!

On the plus side, I've kept my current job for over a year now and I still enjoy it a whole lot. This is actually the longest I've kept a single job, and I hope to keep working it for a lot longer, but there's little doubt that I've had to compromise some time for art because of it. It's not the most demanding job in the world, and I still get some days off, but it goes back to the whole tiredness thing. I find myself being too tired to do anything--not just art, but even play games too--after working, but I think that's more of a lifestyle issue. Even on my days off I find myself sleeping in late. Maybe I should start going to the gym, or at least start doing something other than what I normally do, expecting things to magically change.

As far as games go, this was an excellent year! I think my backlog has expanded more than it has in past years, which might be because I work at a games store now, but there's just been so much good stuff to release. Kirby Star Allies was, of course, a big highlight for me; experiencing the game evolve with its many updates was so fun, and the amount of love and soul put into it really shows. It's absolutely one of my top 5 Kirby games now. But other than that, I've bought a ton of other games that I haven't touched yet due to my aforementioned tiredness issue, but I'm making it a point to play and clear more games this year. I already beat three so far!

What else is planned for this year? I have some projects in mind, as I always do. I don't really want to share what they are though, because once I do that I won't feel like doing them anymore, so please bear with me! Lots of video-related projects, is all I’ll say.

I didn’t mention this yet, but I also finally moved out again last month. I’m still living in the same city so it’s not a huge deal, but I think I’ll have to start coming up with a plan for when our lease runs out in a few months. So it’ll be interesting seeing how things play out with that going forward.

2019 will surely be a year. Years don’t last too long when you think about them in retrospect, so it’ll do me good if I make the most out of it. Lately I’ve been hearing about a lot of creators’ stories about putting stuff out there before it’s too late. You never know what’s gonna happen, after all. I feel like that needs to be me this year.

Thanks, y'all! I appreciate your love and support. You can always find me most active on Twitter and YouTube. See you ‘round! Hope your 2019 is full of confidence too.


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Your artworks are amazing!
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man I love your adorable art
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Happy Birthday!!
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Happy Birthday :3
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Happy Birthday :party: :cake: :airborne: :dance:
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