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A Silent Voice

Hi guys! Last post here. Just want to let you know that it has been a good 7 years on deviantart and I’ve decided to move on to other social medias (they can all be found on my front page). Thank you all for your support and I hope to see you there :D

The print is up for pre-orders along with other convention left-overs here: Tictail 

It’s a very beautiful anime. If it doesn’t move you to tears, then I don’t know what does!
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The only anime that made me cry

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Two characters with flaws and come together and connect. I love a silent voice

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I like it, good work 
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2nd Favorite Anime Movie Ever

My favorite's Wolf Children
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It makes me really sad you're leaving. I've followed you on some of the other sites, but I never really get on them, so I doubt I'll see your stuff.

Also, I watched this movie for the first time a few days ago. It was beautiful, but also hard to watch.
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Nice. Read the manga. The anime left out way to much.
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I loved both.
When movie came out I felt like reading the manga first and then watch the movie like a re cap.
Both experiences were good.
And my bookshelf also looks cool with the manga!! ♥
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That's nice but the manga is better.
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Well this is a great piece to make you're last!
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Sad to see you go from this social media, your art is always so full of life.
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I've been very inactive on deviantart for the past year so I felt it's time to go ;u; aww thank you so much!!
I'll follow you on tumblr. I'd love to keep in touch!
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Even so, I'll miss seeing it on DA, but at least I can catch it on tumblr OuO

And thank you~ ;D Definitely looking forward to more arts OuO
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