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[Com] In-stream Pacapillar redesigns

By toripng
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First run of redesign commissions for Pacapillar designs! I think it turned out well!! These redesigns are for:

Unsure when next stream will be but thanks for joining if you did!
The base price for redesigning was 50 USD and extra for complication.

Pacapillars are a closed species by toripng. Please do not make one without expressed consent from the creator. You can read more about them here. Terms of Service can be found here.
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I am new to this group. Please help me understand how to get an adorable Pacapillar ^^)///
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Thank you! The info I was looking for ^^ But I have one last question. Many closed species have free adopts, but I only see paid one for Pacapillars. Do all cost money?
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there are some raffles and events that go on frequently! currently there's a guest DTA going on here:
[Open] DTA! Nubby Squirrel by synicals
Ripstied's avatar
Oh really? Thank you ^^
doggodreams's avatar
these are so cute omg???
you are so talented :'D !
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Omg they're sooo cute i quickly checked the stream yesterday and turn out sooo cute, love it. Tori just a question are these Paca's MYO redesigns?
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thank you! ;w;
and yes! I believe all three were MYOs
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It was an honor to watch the first bab come to life - they're all so darn cute ;w; 
You are very talented Tori ;w;

mogorii adorablysquish bloodorangepancakes - would you be willing to allow me to doodle these (free - duh)
toripng's avatar
thank you! ;w;
bloodorangepancakes's avatar
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sure, feel free !!
Confetti-Tears's avatar
Awww i see it on the stream <3 but sadly i forgot my account password ;;
i love these redesigns as well! you did such a great job, Tori <3

I hope to have a paca soon..
toripng's avatar
thank you! ;w;
Confetti-Tears's avatar
No problem sweetie <3
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YAAA the style is very cute!! and i love #2 omg
toripng's avatar
thanks! :'D
it's more sketchy than usual
Night-Class's avatar
They all look fab! Sorry I couldn't hang out during the whole stream. I had to go sleep xd.
toripng's avatar
thanks! and np, thanks for coming!
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