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Created the calendar, and I am still working on, partly out of boredom, partly because I am surprised NOTHING has appeared for this.

The series deserved all the support it can get.  And I really am not interested in income from this, so much as just having a calendar available on a topic I like.

Most of the Calendars I saw this year suck, or never made it to the USA.... I wanted to order the official on in Japan, only could not get through the order process.  It also was 2 months per image, little else...  A kinda missed opportunity.

SO I am really doing this out of getting word out on this remake series and its mind blowing great story.  And at the same time comment on the Calendar industry... That it sucks!!! (Sorry if I come off strong on that.)
Just a reminder, they created a tool to report these ads.

I also wonder if they also FILTER the worst out when you have this installed...

Either way, it will kill the offending ad.…
Been insanely busy.
Also been working on a class of ship larger then the DreadCON.... Have the basics all laid out, just has to 'look right' as well as function in my head before I start rendering.

(But I suppose a teaser illustration will come, just as a bookmark so I remember all the details.... which there are many... and I have to come up with new name class to.)
Well I am planning on STARTING the 3/4 view of the DreadCON.
It is actually a simpler design then the BattleCON, but that does not mean I won't embellish it.

Plan on trying Photoshop first, then try googleSketch.... Spring I will redo many of my design in Lightwave, provided I can get my hands on a copy.

Happy others like the designs, then been sitting in my head since the early to late 70's.
Had not have the time to do them until now.  

Thanks, and in case I forget again Happy Holidays!
This spring I hope to finally own a 3D modeling program to render the ships I am doing.

Photoshop only goes so far, and its been a long time since I had a working copy of Lightwave or really anything.

Just finalized a render of the DreadCON, which I was agonizing over for a LONG time.

It went from being smaller version of the BattleCON to equal in size, like technically a DREAD is.  Dread in pre-WW2 era was a way to get the firepower of a battleship in the size of a cruiser, because Germany had international sanctions against them making 'X' number of battleships without approval.  It gave up crew room and other amenities to make room for armor, weapons, and really perform ONE function: Kill.

I decided in the end to make it bigger, as I had planned on a version LARGER then the BattleCON that would serve as a flag ship class of the ships.  Much like the Dreads of old there is less proportionally set asside to CREW needs, but then again most of the ship is automated, and has a unique type of crew.

Most of the ship is tied to its complex computer netnerve systems, full of dimensional nanites, and autmated robots that others at a momments notice can 'dive' into.  Also a good deal of the ship has a series of AI (Artificial Inteligence) that is actually copies of the minds of past crew.  They can project themselves as holograms that can solidify to manipulate objects, but most of the off hour times are in a version of digitally suspended holographic room that is only occuring internaly as a digital realm. This saves space, allows for a near infinite crew as needed, and in the event of death in combat a option to continue.  

These 'Avatars' are sometimes called 'EnergyCON's' Due to their nature of being on BattleCON's and DreadCON's'.  In some situations they have reconstituted their actualy physical body and returned to the living.  Altronians have found a unique way to create a sense of HEAVEN, but they will say there really might be a realm of reality beyond what they are doing, and what they are doing is purely man made.  And will openly state despite the insane level of technology, DO NOT worship them.  They find this annoying, wrong is so many ways, and will point out though they might be superior, they are NOT perfect.  (They might even point out their goofs... such as the acidental destruction of a blackhole because the captain acidently banged his head on the fire button... {unknown to them it was a system where Angi were, and needless to say Angi left the galaxy shortly after out of fear, for a time})

Eventually all these ship designs will lead to stories, and possibly a RPG.  Assuming RPG's will still be around by the time I complete this...
In my scratchpad area I have a teaser for a Flash project I am working on.
It is more for class, but it will deal with the canceling of Stargate Universe, a comedy of sorts.

Like the show or not, anyone who is into Science Fiction will understand the message.
Especially with our favorite shows returning to the small screen on a network dedicated to the topic.

I am about to organize my gallery to show ships by race and by size better...
More works comming, only taking a break as I think about the Lynx frigat and Battleship class ships.... and eventually DreadCon and BattleCraft.

BattleCraft are larger battleships.  About the equivelent of a Carrier and 3 battleships combined.  Short of being a BattleCon, in fact there is a huge size gap between the two.
DreadCon is a craft who is mainly automated combat and not really functional as a Living mobile base of operations like a BattleCon. Debating internally if bigger or smaller then BattleCon...

Additionally toying with the idea of a class of ship that would be a 'Capital' BattleCon.  These would be extremely rare, serving maybe one per 10 sectors of space.... numbers still not important ... but the details will maybe reflect my EARLY years thinking of the ship.  BIG would be a understatement.

Once I get this out of my system I will resume more race work.

Altronians, as some may have guessed look human, but there are KEY distinctions.  More later.  (Convergent genetics? or something else?  I already have a answer...)
Deletans and greys explained better...

And Yo-Bo I will be scanning in older works and then my reworked look.  Honestly they are very rare, as high tech as Altronians, control a good deal of space, but tend to be passive to others (no intentions that is).  Kinda fill the role of a Dwarf only... reptilian.... and look way different then a dwarf as can be imagined.  A touch of Similar and yet DIFFERENT, not the reptile we know.  Not from earth.

Also looking to ideas.
I have a group on facebook on the subject:

Apparently the SyFy executives are getting a lot of flack for their killing SGU and other shows.
They tried to present information on the numbers.

Only we see what they OMITTED.
I have a request for those on face book to join up, post any gernmane (related) news, and pass the word.

There is a graphic 'correction' I posted that explains a lot real quick in that group.
Let me know what you think.

Humbly yours,
Well, being a poor artist I am wondering for those watching which of my ships is your favorite and for what reason.
Not sure how to do a poll without a paid account.
So, sorry for placing a open queastion.

This will help me know what people are more inclined to and maybe do a ship along the line of reasoning generated.
It seems the BattleCON is the favorite of my ships I have presented so far, and more I details the sections the more curiosity seems to grow.
I have been working on this ship since the late 70's.  It has gone through many revisions.

If there are any special attention to any details feel free to ask.  
I will be redoing the map to scale "You Are Here" to a greater extent to demonstrate how it plays on story.
ALSO to put a realistic sense of scale to the 'scene' based off realism.  For as long as I played traveler I thought it cover more of the galaxy then it did.... Then I saw a map showing where in the galaxy the Imperium is and how its size compares to the galaxy.

Also trying to do more races, and redo ones I had done before.  (Yo-bo are very distinctive and I suspect other will agree.)  When done I hope to collect it into a sheet not unlike you see in Star Frontiers game with more details.

BUT I feel I need to move on to other ships, the ships of the line.  
I would like to get in order of size:

Super Mega Capitals / Stations:
* DreadCon (bigger then BattleCon, but purely weapon and war based.  Also introduces a aspect of Alronian Society: The afterlife has a life.)
* Altronian Station/posts
* Outposts (Orbital)
* Colony City

Super Capitals:
* Heavy BattleCraft
* BattleCraft
* Light BattleCraft

Capital Ships:
* BattleShip
* Dreadnaught (A compact BattleShip with emphasis on weapons as it really is traditionally known, although 'sounds' neater. It was a new class of ship Germany made to get around the rules imposed on them after WW1)
* Heavy Cruiser
* Medium Cruise
* Light Cruiser

Main Line Ships:
* Heavy Destroyer
* Light Destroyer
* Frigate

Light Craft:
* Special Operation Frigate
* Gun Boat
* Troop Carrier
* NAT (The Fighter of the Altronians)

Unmanned/remote operated:
* Drone Fighter
* Field Drones
* Combat Droids
* Micro bots
* Nanites
Well I am working on making as many races that would be fun to play, much of what I uploaded are races already I had previously had in my campaigns.  Although honestly I had Greys and Deletans generally away from the main campaign area.  
Yo-Bo I will likely upload some classic images from earlier renders, eventually I will upload Human and Altronians.  When I have enough I will put a size chart, after all mine are not all bipedal human sized....

Also since I started working on the maps I plan on adding more, right now I am putting pen to paper on dimensions.  Foundations of the space and rules start there in a way, at least our understanding of the make up of reality.

Eventually I will start the long task of zooming into the galaxy to the point of solar systems.... being the galaxy I have is HUGE it will take a lot of time.

There is a site that has the entire Imperium from Traveler and zooms out to give a sense of scale it is to the galaxy.  All that space we thought was HUGE turns out to be barely visible, and since my campaign works are covering even MORE space... it will likely be a long project unless I find a nice random galaxy star maping program....

Maybe I will bug the guys who made Campaign Cartographer.  They do make a nice set of programs.

To the rest have a good Easter and Passover holiday.  I will continue to post at random point.
One thing that hits me as keen in any SciFi is having a method to the madness, a set of rules if you may.
There are many ways to look at this, some are more open and forgiving while others will reward their audience more if they keep following.

Generally there are two main camps: Realism vs Fantasy.

Realistic SciFi tries to stick to the known laws of nature and physics.  Sticks to the provable and believeable universe.  Main focus is then either trying to cheat the rules or human nature often in those stories.  The rewards can be working on ones logic, reasoning, and believability.  Sometimes you get a author who is really adpt at science and exposes one for the first time to some little known facts of science and applies them in interesting practical ways.

* Realistic SciFi movies might include things like 2001, AI, and Contact. (SP)

Fantasy SciFi often has the guise of Science or at least the look and feel of a space faring society.  They also tend to focus on the human nature of the plot drive.  Where it covers Science or reason it will often build its own reasoning.  The advantages of this style of writing is the option to ignore real science, at the cost or loss of believability.  Also it cheats and retards the logic in most if it is not fair in how it handles those areas.  Good writers will keep to their logic and not have something come from left field to solve or in some cases ruin the story.

* Fantasy SciFi movies might include Star Wars, Dune, and Star Trek. (SP)

Most SciFi is a blend of both.

It has been said that any highly advanced society will be percieved as magic to those not as advanced.  I will say true, but since the subject here is Science Fiction, the main goal is logic and reason.  A sense of scale or possibility is often a hallmark of a cleaver and good writer.  Lets say you have your ultra high tech society running around, avoid the trap of not explaining or having the reasoning of the magic power.  

Failing to have reasoning of any form or method to give the audience scale or means to understand their world they have entered is kinda cheating them.

Medieval Magic concepts are different from the SciFi Magic Concepts.  At least the traditional understanding by contemporary people.


Take a show like Ghost Hunters, what if all those ghosts were really aliens just dipped into another dimension?  That they occupy the same space/time area, just dimensionally displaced along the 4th dimension?

Or take UFO Hunters, what if all those UFO's and lights they are tracking are Farries and ghosts?  Those artifacts they find with odd writtings what if they are items with magical writting from items displaced from temples of the past?

This kinda takes the two different mind sets and hope to make it kinda clearer.
My personal belief is as a person of reason, a person who keeps asking, never really coming to a conclusion.   Looking for more evidence to slide the possibility one way or the other.  A conservative mind is often quick to side with one or the other and not able to juggle the idea there 'might' be more then 1 or 2 options for answers.  

Heck both that I have posed might be wrong, and I will not have a problem with that.  
Because I have not vested or invested myself into one corner with the painting of my stories.

This also leads to why I have taken SOO long to write any stories or commit to any tract of thought.

(It also might explain partly why I am still single.)

SO..... I am debating writing my stories down.
... Maybe after I present more of my art and give a sense of scale to the story, and lay out the logic of it more.
Whats another 30 years after all.....

I will likely write a set of physics rules as a muse or guidelines to what ships I am working on, a guide to the universe/multiverse/planes of existance....

Even though I have some popular ships from many SciFi to compare against, for size, that does not mean I feel they would work or work in the setting I am writing about.
Don't get me wrong I love Star Wars and others... and forgive them for their ignoring many things or failing to explain better, because the stories are so good.

Just WARP drive would not work the same, or jump drive, or hyperdrive, or any number of thought up means of faster then light travel.  And I will not limit my self to JUST one means of faster then light travel.
Different technologies means different ways to skin the cat, each logical and measurable.  Each also with expected and unexpected results.

** For example how Deletans and Altronians move through space is vastly different.  The effects each disturbing to the casual observer.  Humans probaly since seeded have invented many different means and methods, sometimes branched off ideas they get from their neighbors, sometimes because a genius had a different idea then the others and suddenly advanced in on direction more then the others.  And because they were seeded quite some distance from each other they have not really 'shared' ideas and stollen the successful ones just yet.  And then there are the hundreds of other races who also have different means.  


(SP) - they were picked because they follow or do not follow known laws or concieveable laws of science.  Its not a judgement that its wrong, but best illustrates from popular or known movies.  Hoping of course it helps to demonstrate the idea.
I finished doing a alternative Altronian BattleCon, added to the original BattleCon (Front and 3/4 view), and then expanded on the Deletan BattleCon.

Next I plan on doing the Omni-10 Battle Planet. A Altronian servicing station for BattleCons.... That will take some time....

Also moving to other races: Humans, Yo-bo, Dreeks, Racatoid, and several you likely never heard of unless you were in my RPG gaming of the 80's & 90's.
Biological blueprint also to be redone.

I may scan in some older work that shows the evolution of the look and design.

Yo-bo: A reptilian stout short entity, with clearly different evolutionary markers showing NOT related to earth Reptiles.

Dreeks: A Altronian recent attempt to a Artificial Intelligence set to compliment DreadCon's.  Only they started work as a judge and policing element, passed judgement on all the others, and only changed their mind on exterminating all by a simple conversation with one kid.  They left to make their own path showing up once in a while to 'fix things'.  A uneasy truce exists.  (Kinda like Daleks make overkill, but with a more complex mental workup.)

Racatoid: Forget which novel it was from the Star Wars series, something about money, robots, and intelligent catapillars... And this is my take on that.  It just hit me as a good idea.

several more on way as well....
A intelligent rodent/squirrel, a sentient blob of sorts, Goracs (long story and likely the scariest creation, short of one other), a Elfin race, Greys (Which related to Deletans are different), and many many others.  Humans having splintered into even more subraces then they originally had on earth...
I can do websites with greatest of ease.
That is why its do boring for me, no challenge.
Been doing them for 17 years.

So doing some more graphics and art I personally love.
My work on the BattleCon has changed over the years, and I may scan in some of my old ideas on this ship.

It first came to me in a dream that did not seem like a dream.
The dream seems to take decades and years, and my head was full of memories yet to happen.  When I woke up I was marveling at the image of this ship.

I recall saying how it reminded me of a Turtle.  Others thought that was a odd comment, since most of them thought it reminded them of a Whale.

The Turtle aspect was with the side plating and the portion near the nose.  Then I looked down its length and realized why they thought whale....

It kinda molded a lot of my SciFi writing and Role-playing.
Due increasing requests I am going to be posting my traditional 'design basics' next and then template themes for websites.

This is both as a study of the art of graphic design and the translation of design into new media such as the web.

I have a large number of years of training in graphics design, traditional art, and computer graphics.  It has not been until recently upon cleaning my storage area I came across much of it.
With new tools to scan and photograph them into my computer I am taking the time to do just that.

When done I will be posting more of my fantasy and SciFi art eventually again.
Going to be scanning in some of my traditional art and demonstrating some of my web Work.

Anyone know how to change their avatar.icon for Deviant Art?....
Working on news ship turrets, expect 3 missile styles.

Also working on more details on the BattleCON and DreadCON that I have yet to show.

But before I do that hoping to show some smaller class ships of Altronian and Human make:

Assualt Craft
Light Cruiser
Med Cruiser
Heavy Cruiser
Dread (pocket battleship technically)

and some randoms:

Light Freighter
Industrial Freighters

Light Carrier
Main line Carriers

Troop Transports

And various other ships.

Part of what I need to do is define the Technologies, and I am likely to use Traveler as a scale.  Although I like it, once you get past Tech 15/16 it gets complicated, and I do not like the over simplified GURPS understanding of High Technology.  That is a complete Joke. Just like GURPS, the drop the ball on logic and detail.
Working on some ship designs.
Should start scanning them in finally.

Man has it been three years since I joined.
Sorry for being lazy and not adding content.