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SUB :: Strategic Uniform Bombardment

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Published: February 5, 2013
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More will be done and fleshed out on this one.

Some say it looks like a NAT if a NAT was rendered as a heavy Cruiser.

This craft is very specialized. Mainly used in combat with GORAC's or the like.

It would put most Kamakazi pilots to shame.
It is generally cruiser sized craft. Some are Frigate and some battleship or larger.

The idea is it has insane level of defense shielding and armor in the front. Weapons to the side and rear for the most part.
(But don't count on it being defenseless in the front.)

It would aim, kick on the shields, and fire straight at enemy capital ships like a living bullet and drill right in. Upon entering the side weapons open fire, and it spins its way out the otherside, usually. Some crazy pilots will decide to meander around a big ship, to increase damage potential.

When these were first introduced by Nevik, no one wanted any part of it. They each thought it a pure suicide machine.

That was until several Gorac battleships were finally destroyed.
Then the Goracs learned to keep their distance from the Altronians.
(Goracs seem to have a even higher technology then Altronians, and view all other races as non sentient... So peace talks are kinda hard, since they do not percieve others as intelligent by comparison. And this is with reason.)

Also some varriants have heavier weapons in the aft, so if you are chasing one, you quickly learn or die, that you are really where they want you.
Shields in the front are so powerful most major weapon systems can not penitrate.

It is possible to see one or two out and about, without major assaults going on, but only with a rather esentric captain. They are weapons of last resort for the most part.
Most humans confuse them with the historical Kamakazi reference, and assume most die in battle, where as the opposite is generally true.

Lynx is more common by far then these.
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