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Role Playing History and Origins v7.0.2



Many give credit to Gary Gygax, few know of Dave Arneson or even David Wesely and their Major contribution to the creation of the game Dungeons & Dragons.  They in fact were the driving force that created Role-playing games as we know them. They created the role of Dungeon Master, created the guidelines for Role-playing, and even added the elements of Fantasy, which mainly is credited to Arneson on that last bit.

Seeking help publishing Gygax with a push from Don Kayes asked Dave to bring his game over to Wisonsin to show off. Instead of just a night of gaming Gygax was hooked and played all weekend long.  He realized what Dave Arneson had created was a hit.

Un able to recreate the exact method or rules Gygax agreed to some terms that eager Dave Arneson agreed to. Mostly because Dave Arneson was finally going to get published! 50/50 credit on all works, and 5% royalty..... Not the normal type of deal... And that deal did not stay.

AD&D dropped Arneson's name, and payments on royalties on all products stopped....

A sad story, but this is about the creative input that lead to our Role-playing games as we know them!

The Origin was not exactly in War Gaming, but gaming in general, with free flowing Role-playing.
Wargaming aspects was reintroduced or even forced by others not aware of why the rules were light.... to keep it fun.
A problem that later editions never realized.

I know, because Dave Arneson was my friend.
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