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This is a race I came up with in the early 80's given a touch up. Wanted something that made my players think its a Dalek without being one.  And then I added a lot more functions to it.  Unfortunately my players ran the other way and I did not get to show it off.  Still a backdrop race in my RPG I am designing.

I will revisit it later fleshing it out more.

more of a write up has occurred. Back when I first created this race I was contemplating how to improve a Dalek. I also decide to add influencers that were not Dalek like, but might complement the look.

I would not call it a Dallek, because it’s clearly not one, but I will say I was influenced by such. The write up on the race is very different then A Dallek. After all you can’t have players expecting exactly the same thing. Considering my players I had to make it a lot scarier.
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It's like a Dalek that has conquered their species' greatest weakness: stairs.

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Totally different origin story... would love to do a cross over story between the two.