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BattleCON ::: Old '87 view

BattleCON ::: Old '87 view
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New look:

This was done in 1987, I was actually planning on doing a comic about the campaigns and story. Still kinda am.

This is a perspective of a BattleCon, somewhere between 50-100 miles above. The two craft are NATs that are taking a spin over it.
* More on NATS: [link]

Back then I was thinking of the ship even bigger then my render here. After doing more research and thinking what I propose on DA is a better fit to what I was hoping for.

I will be doing a updated view of the NAT's.
(And the name associatiation with Gnats, the small annoying bugs, is purely co-incidense. Although in retrospect not a bad one...)

They are the most common ship used, serves as a personal car, combat vehicle, and just generally fun to fly. At least for Altronians.
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