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Altronian Command Chair  ::: by TorinZece Altronian Command Chair  ::: by TorinZece
Altronian Command Chair :::

This is a example of a common work station on any Altronian ship, the Command Chair is actually pretty complex set of equipment and function.

Heads up display is all on the inner surface of the inner orb. All is layered levels of holographic displays movable upong users need and want.

The main control system is thought generated interaction with the user. Although its not uncommon to see keyboards and other 'switch/button' interactive displays, also customizable to need or want...

The chair itself is designed to be very plush and comfortable for long term use and relaxation. It is not un common for the user to fall asleep in a chair, useful for those working long hours and just too tired to make it to their room/bed.

There are 4 or more modes for these.
* First is open, where user can easily see the chair and exit or enter.
* Second is Semi-trasparant from the outside, and inside the display can be as solid as wanted. This also allows user entrance and exit, but alerts others you are busy working.
* Third is Isolation mode. Most commonly used on deep mission probe controls, drone fighter controling, classified work, or in meeting and to isolate any view of the user, as such meeting would be 'private'
*Fourth is Holo-mode, often for Executives only. When a ship is hijacked or in danger the chair simply 'fades' from view.

Additionally the Chair is also able to be Mobile. Large control rooms such as on a BattleCon its not uncommon to see chairs in full floating mode all over moving from one station or to another.

Some Higher Tech/executive models offer hidden dimensional doors to other sections of the ship. Often one side is to the work area and the other door anchored to ones appartment for easy access. Many have programable favorites to move locations. Its not uncommon to program one to go to parks, restaraunts, or other sections of the ship.

The inner display is not only all around, but percieved often in full 3D to normal stereo-scopic eyes. Multi-channel views and data streams adujust to the user's capacity.

It will know who is in one and what they are 'allowed' often before they even sit. The chairs are often Personal Computers operating much like a secretary and offering intuitive assistance where it sees a need. Also it is tied into the main 'Net' and access to the 12 ultimately. It is pretty common to be NetDiving in these, and unlike Humans who have Neuro-divers, Altronians do not endanger themselves in the same way humans tend to. In Cyber-wars again Altronians have the upper hand.

The tactical displays and full customizations, and repeat full customizations, has been said to be one key factor why Altronians seem to have a near dominance in any field they are deployed in.

Additionally they are 'spacially' displaced dimensionally. That being they 'can' have other qualities not mentioned.... yet.

They DO have a forcefield that protects users in the event of combat in the room, use as a ESCAPE pod in explosion or crash, and disinfects user before entering.

It also monitors the user's medical condition often administering needed medical treatment as needed. (Minor assist, not surgery or the like... Helps on sick days...)

The various chairs varry a lot based upon the ship, clans, and other organizational groups. But they are very similar enough to the outsider to look the same. You would typically have to be a Altronian to note the differences, or know enough to realize.

*** Note I will be cleaning this up more and doing some variation. (In many ways its my dream desk. lol!)
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May 1, 2011
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