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3/4th View of Heavy BattleCON

Still working on, More details being added and cleaned up.

BattleCON the largest of the Ships the Altronians use, short of the Omni-10 ...

These craft are used in place of worlds to live on. Altronians feel only younger, immature races dwell continually on a planet.  That one must learn to recycle, monitor, and use materials wisely.   Master of hyperspace, dimensional warping and construction, one will find gravity (up/down) does not mean the same thing onboard these ships.  Also the shortest route anywhere might not be a straight line.

They can house billions of people with comfort.  And can be controlled by as little as 1, with all their automated systems that is.

The system hosts the 12 guardians, a interconnected matrix of computers who serve as the governance of the society.  Citizens are plugged into these, able to artificially communicate to anyone (Altronians already have natural telepathy and empathy, this only enhances it further), and these systems help monitor every single subatomic particle within the next 5 parsec's...

Commonly they 'sink' the craft into a pocket universe to keep it out of harms way, observing the universe, but separated from it.  It also makes it impossible to detect by normal means.  Early models did give off a gravity wave when they would enter or leave. They have since fixed that.

The main weapon is the EDMD (Edmond) system.  It is used both as weapon, information gathering, and construction.  The ship also sports miles large Barbettes, turrets, and other weapons that go al the way down to 2 inch wide anti-matter pulse weapons.

The spinal mount weapons, of which it has many, are to the level of Galactic bombardment.  Can reach Gallactic core from the edge.

Altronians are not at war with anyone, and it is a curiosity why they keep making weapons. One person suggested its because they know the inhabitants so much more then they know themselves.

The real reason is its just a 'hobby'.  The weapons they have also double as science instruments, and are almost all the time deployed as such.  Just they have more then one function if needed.

Only humans allowed on one was during the Earth exodus and when they are permitted on.

See also 'Guard' patrol for more human Altronian interactions.

The ships manufacture other capital ships, host docking facilities, and are trade hubs.  For aliens or non-altronians, they often deploy a station or outpost to serve as a middle ground.  These outposts are often larger then the largest human Basestars.
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