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2020 Heavy BattleCON

Been rethinking the BattleCON's I have. Basically 'world ships' where the race lives. They do not have home worlds, but rather live on these ships.

They will hang around a solar system, possibly gather resources, in a out of phase almost pocket universe.  Billions and billions of people might be found on one. 
This one has  many upgraded weapon system.

More details and upgraded graphics on way.
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Updated more, will try hand with 3/4 view....

Debating if to render in 3d app or by hand.

Can you provide it in higher resolution.
I would like to be able to read the text in the picture.
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I plan to. But it is still being rendered.

Additionally doing my hand a 3D render... not by program... Usually find it faster.... At least for a 1 off.