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Tailor Potion M

Type: Potion, Tradable

«The favorite potion of tailors! Looks like a sewn bottle with fashion attributes.»
- Living Fabric
- Cotton Tail
- Cotton
- Cloth
Can be used on:
- Head
- Ears 
- Neck
- Breast
- Body
- Wings 
- Legs
- Tail
How to obtain:
- Shop (300 NP)
- Magic Fountain (3%)
- Tasks
- Quests
Can be sold for 75 NP
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Alisenokmice I have some questions about this hhh QwQ

1. For this potion, if you get it, can it only be applied to one part of the body per potion or is can it cover any parts with one potion?

2. What's the magic fountain? ;v;

3. When will be able to buy this in the shop? I want to buy it and use it on a certain Tori I have >v<
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all info will be added later :3 but I can answer you now:

1. One part per one potion

2. This is location where you can spend some NP and get random amount of points or item/potion back. Once per ~3-7 days. (tba)

3. So soon ^^ I planned to post some news today, but my internet was broken, because of weather >v<; 
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Oooh I'll definitely try to save some more NP XD I got inspired by the model Tori and now I want all the cotton babs >v<
(That Tori is SO CUTE BTW?? Are they an official NPC/Tori or are they just a one time design? Cause I love themmm haha)
Alisenokmice's avatar
AHH thanks XD
They are models/samples, but they are still living
beings with their own individuality, so, yeah,
they are kind of NPC ^^

//A little spoiler - even this tori will be a real,
//but with some changes :D
{Torimori} APower - zones of change by Alisenokmice
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OOOOh I'm excited to see that! I love seeing new Toris/NPCs <3
Speaking of which, what ever happened to the WIP Tori you posted on Amino? :0 
(I love having Amino haha) Will they ever be posted? They were really cute >v< (Though in my mind all the
Toris I see are adorable ha)