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Aerith ribbon Mianju-style

Okay, I really didn't think I'd be making a tutorial, not ever, but ESPECIALLY not now, since .. Well, since I am a beginner to start with, and since I am all to lazy to end it with. x'D

But well, anyways, to make a long story short;
Ribbons are pretty, Aerith's ribbon is pretty, and simple as it seems, to me and my dear friend Mimmi, it was a hell to make, and even WORSE to get on right.
So, with very little fabric and patience for crooked ribbons left, I came up with this solution.
And if I may say so myself, it worked out very well !
So I hope that others might have use for my idea. ^^ ( even though I'm probably not the first one to come up with it, but what the heck. )

And yes, I know that my hair, and the ribbon looks messy in the last pic, I'm simply going to blame my mothers not all too great hand with my camera, and the fact that I just wanted to show you all really quick. ( My laziness is actually the biggest reason, but let's pretend it's not. )
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This is really helpful! :meow: I'm cosplaying as Aerith to Armageddon next week and I still have to make her bow! ^.^
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I'm glad it helped! ^^
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Oh thank you for this. My work is going to solid color scrub uniforms and Nurse Aides are going to be cerulean blue. I've been scouring the internet for an easy guide because I want to wear and Aerith styled ribbon in my hair to maintain individuality lmao No one sells blue versions of her ribbon, only pink D: (Plus pretty soon my hair, which is nearly the same color as hers, will be about as long as hers :D so I can cosplay as her)
ToriikoCosplay's avatar
Really it's so simple, haha.
You're welcome, I love how you're going to wear it with your uniforms, it sounds really cute ^o^
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That's my hope. I am very young to be working where I work (only 21) and I seem to carry an air of innocence so this would work well =3
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Thank you so much! If I ever get around to making it, this will be fantastic for my Aerith cosplay :D
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You're more then welcome ^^
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I think I'm gonna use to help with my grad outfit! I feel like looking like Aerith :D
ToriikoCosplay's avatar
Please do, I'm sure it'll look just lovely !
Thank you for the :+fav: ! ^^
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I was planning on buying an Aerith cosplay sometime soon, but it didn't have a bow included.
There I was, freaking out like "AAAH WHERE AM I GOING TO GET A BOW!?!?" And you know what? I stumbled across this. I love you so much. : D :heart:
ToriikoCosplay's avatar
I'm so happy if it helped you out ! ^^
And having something handmade with you always make you feel a little extra special, good luck ! ^___~
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You don't have anything to do, right hun? XD<3
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