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New Commission!! Live2D Character~ [OPEN]
UPDATE FOR 2018 SEPT (I know the price is expensive, but live2d need a lot of work;;; life is tough :v)
(PS. For Client from December 2017, the price still fixed following 2017 price, so don't worry)

Live2D GIF version/for Visual Novel

live2D : MC by Toriichi [CLOSED]YCH auction animation flower by Toriichi CUROSY |dlc03|AUCTION|OPEN by delicolab

Character drawing (for live2D):
waist up $45
Fullbody $55

Rigging and Custom Animation gif
Rigging/modeling +  free 3 motions = $50
(talking, idle, happy motion)

after that
add character motions $5 per mtn/expression
for expression/mtn you can tell me which expression that you want like talking, happy, sad, etc

so for standard package live2d with gif it will be price of drawing+Rigging and Custom Animation gif

  request PSD (raw file)
request cmox, moc, mtn file 
(raw file)

extra body part/hand//wings/magical item, sword or mic, etc:
add $10 per item
add $10-20 per outfit
(depend of complexity)

usually my clients only need no background
but I'll add price for background:
$10-$30 depend of complexity

Live2D GIF version/for FACERIG

pretty same with above
facerig example:


No Preview

Character drawing (for live2D):
waist up $45

Rigging and Custom Animation keys
Rigging/modeling +  free 3 motions+
moc+cmox files= $90
(talking, idle, happy motion)

after that
add character motions $5 per mtn/expression
for expression/mtn you can tell me which expression that you want like talking, happy, sad, etc
(keep it mind key in facerig max only 6 keys motions and 4 special keys poses)

so for standard package live2d for facerig character drawing+total rigging and animation keys
of course I'll write the facerig code for you

  request PSD (raw file)

extra body part/animation hand/wings/magical item, sword or mic, etc:
add $10 per item
add $20 per outfit

Rules for live2D:

I can create characters with basic functionality for FaceRig
but still have much to learn in the more detailed aspects of the Live2D and I use 2.1 version.
It took longer to make a Live2D model. so it will be a week- three weeks per project,
so please don't rush me. I'll inform you when I start make the model.
The resolution for gif animation is 720pxlx720pxl gif
shoot me note or email me on

Update-artwork price

Open commission for VN and Illustration (OPEN)

now open for normal Illustration, the price will be following on sketchmob…

Full Body character/character

Half Body character/character


addtional BG:
simple BG Free

Undertale- Chara by Toriichi DN: Liya by Toriichi DN: Archer Jazdia by Toriichi DN: Wedding by Toriichi DN commission: Mavis and Azura by Toriichi

Complex BG add +$10-$30

Let's meet in the Forest by Toriichi Happy Holidays my Past and Present by Toriichi CM for Yansenwijaya by Toriichi TGre: Hinami by Toriichi

Terms and Conditions
-will draw anime no realism,mecha, and furries (nekomimi accepted)
-paypal accepted
-please pay it after I've done give you sketch, you can pay me 50% up front after sketch and 50% done before I give you final artwork
- or you can payme 100% - don't worry ,. I'm trust-able girl
-if you interested please comment or pm me (>3<)/
-resolution will be around 3000pxl for CG and character, can discuss with me about this
-discuss please contact me on
email :
deviant art :

and lastly

hey!! I open store for fanmerch
if you interested please visit my ticatail store/// thank youu//// :la:

Delichao tictail

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TsunamiArow Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
How long will you keep commissions open, may I ask?

I'm quite interested in your 2D animated gifs commissions - I've spent $150+ in one week, however, on commissions so I have to cut back for a bit until I can commission something hefty again, but I am really, really interested in this!
Toriichi Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, for live2d, I'll close the commission after i get 2-3 clients 
but for now, all the project already done, so it will open for long time till I get 3 clients at the same time ^^;

thank you for visit me, and no worries, I'll wait for you :)
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