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GoFundMe! Tech for Torie! by toriegarcia89 GoFundMe! Tech for Torie! by toriegarcia89
Hey Guys I'm a small Time YouTuber  And I want to make more content but my laptop isn't the greatest for alot of the up coming games I want to record. 

I’m starting this GoFundMe because I want to raise money for a new PC. There are several amazing games *whispers* like Ark Survival Evolve, that I desire to play. Another reason, is because I’m starting a collab series and one of the problems I’m scared of it my little old laptop overheating. It’s frustrating and it can kill the fun.

But I still feel a little guilty asking for money, so there are several things I like to give back. Depending on your donation you can get rewards. As a Thank you, it’s the least I can do.

$5 and Below, Your name will be in the thank you video.

$15- $20: + the previous reward, you can get a one requested character doodle.

$30 - $ 50: + the previous reward,we all can get on Minecraft or another other multiplayer game and play together for an episode.

$100 - 150: + the previous reward, If one of the rules from the CoPlay series (the age rule) prevents you from being in an episode. I can ignore because your helping me improve my channel.

$1,500 – A Love Bundle package care thing.

. + the previous reward

· Will get a shootout from me on my twitter and YouTube channel.

· 2 full detailed commissions (2 character only in each picture)

· 5 episode miniseries of you and I.
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July 6, 2016
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