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Return To Oz

By ToriB
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Inspired by the 1985 Disney movie Return To Oz, which I began to think of as I lay the train tracks through the sunflower field.

If you haven't seen the movie, it's not at all like the Judy Garland, Wizard of Oz, but very dark and definitely not for young children.

It weaves two or more of Frank Baum's books together to tell the story of Dorothy after returning from Oz. Auntie Em and Uncle Henry are very worried about her condition since the tornado. She cannot sleep and is preoccupied with her tales of Oz. They send her to an asylum for electro- shock therapy.

The asylum is dark and foreboding, staffed with a sadistic nurse and a mad doctor. In the middle of a storm, the doctor and nurse prepare Dorothy for her treatment and just as they are putting the electo-shock therapy machine on her head, the power goes out.

Dorothy escapes, with help from a mysterious blonde girl, and the adventures begin, but Oz is not the same as she remembers.

"Dorothy" model is Hoozer. The stock by can be found here: [link]

Tracks, sunflowers, industrial park, smoke and textures from SXC.
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puppetsoulsHobbyist General Artist
Very cool take on this!
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Dark and twisted and unique, great work!
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anjaleckHobbyist General Artist
Hi! :wave:

Your lovely art is going to be featured in my journal this week. [link]
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The contrast of her obvious happiness at being back and the crumbling aspects of the background is well done. (Ps- if you haven't heard the song "return to oz?" by the scissor sisters, i reccommend it!)
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the story and concept for "return to oz" sound fantastic. they should do a remake of it.
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I remember watching the movie "return to oz" and loving the idea of a darker place for dorothy to return to. You've captured the very essence of this dark tale very well!
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łał nice ;) COM
łał dobrze ;) PL
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i really like this
nice work <3
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AthansorProfessional Photographer
Ooo--love the concept here! Well done!! :D
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azan88Student General Artist
great natural word!!
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ToriB General Artist
Thank you!
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ToriB General Artist
Thank you.
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that is so awesome!
"return to oz" is one of my fave childhood movies...
unfortunately very few people either remember seeing it or never saw it at all .. :(
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ToriB General Artist
Thank you. Yes, I know.. very few people seem to have seen it. I really love it.
ButterflyInDisguise's avatar
Oz 2 and the Last Unicorn...
my 2 fave movies as a kid..(and still are)
seems no one remembers them...

the lunchpail tree... the decapitated oz folk..the mechanic munchkin...the limestone king...and Jack! the pumkin king/prince dude....who had to be the basis for Jack Skeleton "the Pumpkin King" in Nightmare before Christmas...

i dont know how anyone could forget haha. the insane asylum and the queen who steals heads really freaked me out when i was young..
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fantastic idea! great picture :)
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ToriB General Artist
Thank you!
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I guess Dorothy should have stayed with Wicked Witch of the West after all to evade nuclear contamination...Wait! where's the rainbow?? and the flying monkeys...

great work
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ToriB General Artist

Thanks for the comment. :-)
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Lol, thats really cool! :D
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ToriB General Artist
Thanks! I'm glad you like. :-)
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