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Where the Great Old Ones Are

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Mixing the two great tastes of H.P. Lovecraft and Maurice Sendak
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As a fan of "Where the Wild Things Are", this is absolutely freaking perfect. Hats off, sir.
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the one with the mouths in his hands reminds me of Krum
This is and remains awesome!
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Love it! I needed a laugh. You've got Sendeks' style down.
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This is awesome (especially Chaugnar Faugn).
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What's the one on the far right?
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Sendak and Lovecraft, what a wonderful combination. You inspired me to paint a scene like this of my own. Thanks
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Hahaha, this is too cute :lol:
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I have the t-shirt. I keep being asked to name these deities. Unfortunately I can only name Cthulu and (consulting wikipedia) maybe Y'golonac (3rd and 1st from left respectively). Can anyone name the others?
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Left to right: Y'Golonac, Tsathoggua, Cthulhu, Ithaqua, Chaugner Faugn, Nyarlathotep
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Such a clever idea.
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I'm not going to lie. I think this has to be one of my favorite pictures EVER! :love:
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Have you thought of doing Pickman the Big Fed Ghoul? ;)

(I suppose My Neighbor Tsathoggua might be a stretch...)
is the zoidberg guy cthulu
great picture btw :P
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They're so cute! :D
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Nice parody! XD
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