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Oil Painting practise

Another oil painting piece. This shot is from a chinese movie, Mo Gong and the guy is suppose to be Andy Lau which i dun think i did a good job with. This piece is still in WIP, will be painting more detail and will be fixing Andy Lau's face.

Trying to go for a photo realistic look, just trying understand how far i can push this. :) Enjoy
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Mar 8, 2007, 10:13:49 PM
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Very nice work... the movie is,, Battle of Wits.. its on Mohism.
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Is that Andy Lau as Ge Li? If it is, I recognized him immediately, so you did a great job on him.
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Yes! It's him. Haa. Thanks thanks. :)
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In that case, celebrate with this llama!
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It looks so real...Like a photo...
Awesome work=D...
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nicely done.. i also love this movie..
haikeakissa's avatar
..nice bloody start !!
likaspapaya's avatar
DAmn! You work exceptionally well even on a traditional medium.
You deserve this-->:worship::worship::worship:
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O my goodness!!! i muz be more hardworkin'!!!!!! u're gettin' better le!!! how??? how??? how??? i jia lat sia...
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Haa.~ Join me at oil painting class or wat lah.~ i went to oil painting classes to train up.~ The feeling of doing traditional is very nice.~ maybe it's becos i have been painting on digital for quite some time. Fun and relaxing.~ :)
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wa!!! muz work harder liao!!! i'll b signin' up 4 some of these traditional paintin' classes soon..
torei's avatar
ohoho..~~good good..~ where u going for u'r classes?
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not sure yet but i'm plannin' 2 mayb take up e NAFA western art teach life drawin' n watercolor..need 2 read it again b4 i sign it long time ago ma...:P
torei's avatar
Ohoho..~~ i use to learn from there too.~ :) It's good.~ Can go for this lecturer call jian yao.~ or something like tht. Dunnoe how to spell his name.~ good good good..~
mashi's avatar
he teach wat course??? is it the 1 i'm plannin' 2 take???
torei's avatar
Yup yup. basic western art. :)
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Looks really great so far. I especially like the expression of his face.
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Nice use of scattering light for the background objects. It's looking good.
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