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Basic Drakern Tack by tordenvar Basic Drakern Tack by tordenvar
and now for something completely different

I LOVE... TACK... AHHHHHH I always like figuring out how things work, I feel like understanding how everything is supposed to be set up lets me break rules and stylize things unrealistically while also making it SEEM like it's working... so I sat down and learned saddle parts and what connects to what so I could adapt it for woolie mounts LOL so here's the one for drakerns! I'm not a horse girl tm so discord helped me out with some stuff and we more or less came to the conclusion that the bottom-right bridle is the best option (has a bit) but apparently there's like.. NECK HALTERS?? OR SOMETHING that I didn't know about/look into so I'll do those later maybe. feel free to comment with tips and stuff for others and I'll try to keep those in mind if I ever update this and for future ref! I just wanted to get the basic design up for others to use as a base for their own tack bc designing this stuff can be really overwhelming and I'm always a slut for details LOL

my only real note for this is that realistically your character would want to sit on the back, NOT on top of the shoulders/neck! I don't know shit about WYVERN ANATOMY but for stuff like horses and dogs the neck/shoulders are where you don't want to put much weight, and instead right behind it.. but also this is fantasy furries who gives a shit 

CURRENTLY woolie group is set up so you can give your mounts basic tack for free! really elaborate stuff has to be purchased but I expect you could use this basic design and add different accessories and items and stuff without any trouble. I can't wait to design mineee I always have to make little guides like this for my own use so hopefully this will help some of you guys out when/if you make your own B) my only requirement is please don't make designs based off of these and then trade/sell em! you can also comm someone to design yours for you and still use this as the base tho feel free I'm cool w it, including non-woolie stuff

Basic Nikyak Tack by TigerHunting
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stuffs this in my mouth and runs
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